Don't trust the POA ans 100%

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear friends,

You must have noticed that not all the answer for POA are correct! Well, I e-mailed a list of doubtful answers to teacher yesterday, but she haven't replied yet. Cannot blame her also, it's very tiring to do all the past years in one day. I will mail the list of doubtful answers to our gmail account and the answers that I think are correct. DON'T Trust me 100%. I might be wrong also. -_-! Hope that teacher can confirm the answers with us by today. Good Luck and Study hard!!!



Answers for POA I

>> Sunday, October 28, 2007

2002c,b,a,b,c,c,c,b,b,d,a,c,a,b,d,a,b,b,a,b,c,b,a,d,b,d,b,a,a,b,a,a,a,b,d,a,a,b,a,b 2003b,a,a,a,a,b,c,d,d,d,c,c,a,c,b,c,c,c,d,d,d,b,c,d,b,a,c,c,a,c,d,d,d,c,c,d,b,b,d,a 2004c,b,d,b,d,b,a,b,c,a,d,c,c,d,c,b,b,c,a,b,a,c,b,a,a,b,c,c,b,b,b,a,a,d,d,a,a,c,c,c 2005b,b,a,a,c,c,a,c,c,b,d,b,b,b,a,a,c,a,a,c,d,c,c,c,a,a,a,a,c,c,a,d,b,d,d,d,c,a,c,c 2006c,b,d,b,a,b,d,a,c,b,b,b,a,a,a,b,b,d,c,b,c,d,a,d,a,c,c,c,b,a,a,a,d,c,c,b,d,b,a,c



30 October, Tuesday
8.00 - 9.30 A.M
Chemistry 3
2.00 - 3.15 P.M
Principles of Accounts 1

31 October, Wednesday
8.00 - 10.00 A.M
Mathematics D 1
10.00 A.M - 12.30 P.M
Chinese 1
1.00 - 3.00 P.M
Chinese 2

1 November, Thursday
2.00 - 3.30 P.M
Bahasa Melayu 1
4.00 - 5.30 P.M
Bahasa Melayu 2


>> Saturday, October 27, 2007 last i can post!!!!!everyone!!!!study hard ohh!!!!!let's pass together wif flying colours!!!!!!muackzzz..

crystal here!!!!remember me o..



>> Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey hey guys, lots of changes here! I guess were all moving towards bigger and better things. The schedules are all over the place, kind of scary... Since the end is near, I've been looking through some of the photos of the past, and lookie what I found.

Remember what this is? Kind of forgotten about it myself. It was like from once upon a time. Not really this year's stuff even though it is. Sigh...we leave the past behind so fast. Just a few months ago we were messing around in the lab, getting scolded by teacher then suddenly, we're now feverishly flipping through hundreds of pages trying to memorize their contents.

That's it for this time. Sorry I don't have more to say. Good luck and stay tough, stay happy! See you all at the end of the long road!

Sing Yee


TAKE NOTE! again~ haha..~ IMPORTANT~







>> Sunday, October 21, 2007

23 October, Tuesday
2.00 - 3.00 P.M
Economics 1
3.30 - 5.30 P.M
Economics 2

25 October, Thursday
8.00 - 10.00 A.M
Physics 3
1.00 - 3.00 P.M
Chemistry Extra Class

26 October, Friday
8.00 - 10.00 A.M
POA Extra Class

27 October, Saturday
2.00 - 4.00 P.M
Chinese Extra Class



Birthday Greetings 2


yours sincerely,


Chinese extra class

>> Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just to inform everyone, we will be having a chinese extra class soon. Not sure when yet but soon.

Grace will give more details when she knows the details.



Birthday Greetings

>> Friday, October 19, 2007


Yours sincerely,


TAKE NOTE! again~ haha..~ IMPORTANT~

>> Wednesday, October 17, 2007

first~~ CHEMISTRY EXTRA CLASS WILL BE HELD ON THE 25TH OF OCT~ AFTER PHYSICS PRACTICAL.. WHICH IS 1PM TILL 3 PM.. pls pass to all f5A students.. thank you for ur cooperation~ hahahaha..

okie~ next is abt the letter thing~ the latest the letters must handed to me is at the end of oct~~ pls try ur best to write~~ okok? i can give u all discount till nov 15 la.. haha.. juz give to me b4 that okok?? hahaa.. write to as many ppl as u can~ coz when ppl receive ur letter on the graduation nite~ they will feel great and very gan dong oh~ hahaha.. gonna miss u guys so much after we graduate~!! sniff sniff~

PROM NIGHT~ WILL be held on the 26th of NOV~ dress code is formal.. the place is at mall, rizquin hotel~ and we need to buy ticket in order to go in~ the ticket cost $30.. (* i know u guys will like [wow.. so expensive!] haha.. see i know u guys~ but tis is a very reasonable price liao.. food, decorations, pa system, place, all included. ppl in SAS need to pay $35 le.. see how blessed we are.. we onli need to pay $30.. haha.. and plus~ tis is the last gathering we going to have that all form 5 students gonna attend together~ so try to attend la.. dun be a spoil brat~ hahaha.. ok?) hope u guys really consider it.. and btw.. wanna buy tickets? call susan~

best dressed the boy and girl.. are vote as prom king and prom queen.. everybody has the voting right.. but we can onli vote to one person~ hahaha..

and~ our class need representatives to perform that day~ coz every class need some representatives to perform.. so who want to perform.. tell me or susan la~ hahaha... singing, dancing or something la~

LASTLY~ our Grad nite program rehearsal will start on the 17th of NOV~ time will be inform again~

THANK YOU~ for taking note~ and remember~ the prom nite is not fun without u~ and remember wat i write ah~ pass to everybody u know u our class~ thanks~

loves and hugz

p/s: dun forget to study hard too~ hahaha..



>> Sunday, October 14, 2007

16 October, Tuesday
8.00 - 9.15 A.M
Biology 3

17 October, Wednesday
8.00 - 10.00 A.M
POA Extra Class

20 October, Saturday
9.00 - 11.00 A.M
POA Extra Class



NEW! Games Column

>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just would like to inform everyone that we have a new games column right below of the right hand side column. There's just one game which would be changed twice a month. That is in the middle of the month and the end of the month of course. And below it is a poll to choose what games you would like up next. ENJOY!


pInjia jia~

HAhaha.. xiAn.. small mEh my Font?? i sEt it As nORmal woR.. HAHa.. XD.. soRry foR hARmin u guys' Eyes.. HAha.. n hOr.. dn bLAme mE lAR xian.. GrACe tyPe it As "NicolE' onE.. hAha.. blAme grAce!!! n i nEver hEard oF thE nAme 'nIcholA' alSO... HAHahahaha.. oPps.. soRry nySsa's siS!!!! hAhaha.. n FOR nySsa.. glAd to hear tat Too.. hEHe.. moRe choiCes foR us.. HAha.. Well, again.. gOod lucK in exAMz..!!!!!


Me again!!!

It's me again.. Nyssa..

I can see that there are a few ppl who aren't really happy bout the decision..
Anyway.. i've got a good news..
My sister has decided to cheorograph a REMIX DANCE!!!
There will be salsa.. hip hop... not sure what else.. but its gonna be a remix of everything..
So, i hope everyone will be happy bout the changes..

Anyway... just wanted to tell u ppl...
Well, dont think so much about the dance now..

Good luck studying.. and for the exam..


-13.10.07- by Susan.

>> Friday, October 12, 2007

First of all, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all muslims! hehe. now i can hear 'bing bong bang' out there, malays putting fireworks outside of my house. so LOUD man! i was shocked for few times le. how i wish they could put it in d morning, as my alarm. haha!

To Pin Jia, haha, i was shocked too, about my post. i tot i'm gonna make it short. but then ah, when finish typing, i was like.. SHORT?? haha. =p well, at least i coloured and filled our class blog, didn't i? =p and for nyssa's sister's name, she's NICHOLA. that's her name and spelling. ( nyssa, correct rite?) hhee. bwuaa dui, u simply say ppl's name le jia.. haha.. jia ah, ur letters so small de. for d sake of our eyes (for those who have troubles on their eyes too), can u make it bigger next time? hard to see eh. thank u! muahz.. =*

Well, dunno wat to say le. about d dance, juz dun worry abt it lo. haha, everyone's is saying that. =p anyway, GOOD LUCK IN STUDY! hug* jia you!




hEy Hey.. piNjia hEre Again..

hMm.. jUZ wanan wiSh u All goOd luCkz n All the bESt in Examz.. so yEa.. jiAyou jIAyou..

As foR susan.. FunnY lar u.. say nOt goNNa loso n gonNAn make ur poSt shORt.. buT when i c.. wAlao.. liKE thiS so long ALos call short har?? XD Really siAo liAo aR.. hAHa.. n u spEll nYssa's sis name 'nichola' wat the .. haha.. u think coka cola ka??? hahah..

hMm.. wEll, boUT the so called 'indian modErn dance' nOT raciSt or waT lar.. i Dunno eh.. juz noT tat conFidence n nOt so suRe boUt it.. buT yea~ i Still will Support u guYS.. n will join iT as well.. hoPe wE will amAze otHErz n ourselVEs as Well.. n dn lEt otHErs think we f5a onLy knOW hoW to stUdy.. coZ we all Do hAve loTs of tAlents!!!GoGo~.. so rAndom Eh mE sAy this kiND of thingy.. AHa.. dn woRry too mUCh bouT the danCE n pErfoRmance fiRst.. stUdy hARd n do wEll in exam fiRst loR.. k??? tAke caRe u All..

hAha.. a random pic.. hapPy hari raya to malAyz!!!








Edit by Ian : Lazy to write it all down on the blog so I turned it into a picture. Alright, here's our shift and schedule. Schedules on the left, shifts on the right of the picture. Click on the picture to get a full view.


>> Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sup people. Hari Raya's just around the corner and I hope you guys have prepared for it. Yes all of us. Muslims, have to get around and ready themselves for the new year celebration. As for us Non-Muslims, we are going to go around and visit the Muslims' houses and also collect the green packets. I know what I'm saying is gibberish but this is what I can say for now.

Sungkai or the breaking of fast is almost over thus this signals the ending of the food promotion and eating spree. For those of you who had not enjoyed the offer yet, I suggest you all to take a time-off now and take a bite, even if it's just for tradition's sake. There's a few good restaurants of course, such as Caper's and Fratini's (yes both of them are Italian, unless you want to try Malay food all-you-can-eat for $5 and above, be my guest). I'm not being classy or trying to act rich, Caper's is having an all-you-can-eat PASTA AND PIZZA ONLY for around $16 per person. As for Fratini's, they're having a 50% offer on PASTA AND PIZZA ONLY (yes, they're smart people, like all businessmen). You might think that it's not worth it to spend so much eating bread and noodles. It might be better to just eat a fried noodles or eat murtabak at the cafe for a cheaper price.

This eating around might be able to relieve stress (I know eating doesn't work for some people and it's just a waste of money but what the heck). The eating out might be able to relieve the tension for you guys (yes even though it's only Praticals coming soon). So I hope this will work out for you guys and wish you all take a last taste of the Sungkai before you miss it. After that, let's all celebrate the long-awaited new year and study as hard as possible for our GCE "O" Levels. Luck people.

-Heng Huat


Thanks, Nicole~!

hey hey~ Grace is here again~! i agree to what Susan had said~! hahah.. we really have telepathy connection~ hahaha.. althou the preparations for the graduation is really limited and short.. but i know we can do it.. u all contribute co operation and teamwork.. everything will be fine~! hahaha.. it doesn't matter how the dance and singing goes.. it's the heart that counts~! if we r willing to try our best THEN our production will be Great~! really great~! so.. for now.. everybody study hard and get good results.. let's juz worry abt the graduation thing after the exams~! kkk?? best of luck!

to Nicole: (nyssa, pls pass the msg to ur sis)
thank you for willing to teach us the indian modern dance~ thank you`! hope u r not too frustrated~ we will really work with u~ sorry to ma fan u~ and thank you for fulfilling our dream~ to have a class production~ we will really have a great graduation night tis year.. unforgettable and memorable~ hahaha.. so see u after o level~! we will have intensive practising~! thanks a lot!!!!!

loves and hugz

God bless~!

take care!~


Thanks, Nicole~!


Qeels post #1

Hey guys! Qilah here.. Or better known as 'Sharifah' in class :P

I just thought u guys might like to see these videos.. They cracked me up!! haha

Enjoy!! ^_^

and i got this one from a friend's blog..

Good luck in O'level exams people! :)


Nikki is here...

>> Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi. chia shing here, Nyssa , tell your sis that i and almost all of the f5a students appreciate her help. It is understandable that your sis is frustrated right now and just help me to tell her, thank you, for spending her time helping us to make our graduation night a success.

As for students of f5a, this is our last yr and i think most of us want to make our graduation day the best memory in our life or maybe part of the best ones. Why don't we just go with it and make it a success? to those who do not like the idea of dancing this dance, pls gv it another thought, mayb we will come up with a different perspective. just gv it another try alright?

as for our GCE O level, do your best everyone, be a nerd for once...(just kidding! haha) Work hard, study hard and smart, and get many many 'A's o... And this is chia shing reporting from madang manggis wishing you the best results that you can get... I'm hooked with reporting.......



hey hey everyone. Susan here. well, this is d first time i blog. and i never do this b4. hehe. well, u guys shud noe wat am i gonna say (all those farewell, sadness, happiness thingy), so i dun wanna say it here again. just wanna make it short and fast. All of U will going to receive my letters during graduation day, and that's my words for u all. hehe. well, juz wanna give some response on this blog. thanks to that PERSON who created this blog. this is a good way to contact with each other after leaving d school rite? but ah, i bet that this blog will be cold after sometimes. opps~ =p due to laziness, busy and bla bla. hehe. but i really hope that all of us could make this blog "hot" forever. forever? =p

well, about our class dance, 'indian modern dance'. yea, i think that's our last production in school as students. And, it's CLASS production, that means everyone has to involve in it. it's not that we're forcing u guys to join, but try to think of it, it's our last year. why dun u guys try to make something special and unique in ur school life, for those who never dance or perform on stage b4. try to do something special that u never did b4, or even if u did. please do not limit ur ability. juz like grace said, dun let other ppl to have only one kind of impression on u. =D hmm.. i think it's quite tough to complete d dance, but i blif, we sure can do it if we cooperate and have confident in ourselves rite? impossible is nothing. Asal we do our parts and be involve in it, rite? c'mon 5A, let's do this together ! =)

to Mak, i was really surprised when u din raise ur hand dat day. i expected that most of d ppl with agree with d dance, including u. but who knows. know wat? for my thought, if a person who really loves to dance, enjoy in dancing, he or she will never limit his ability in ANY type of dances. in d end, it's also a dance rite. moving ur body and expressing out ur feelings n emotions, enjoying on d stage with d music. dun u think it's great? and i bet u have this kind of feelings too. hehe. btw, it's already have said "modern indian dance" lo, of cuz it wouldnt be same like on d tv that u have watched. for sure there will be some diff n modifying. i blif that nyssa's sister, nichola can do this perfectly, only if we cooperate with her. and we shud appreciate and b thankful cuz there's someone willing to help us on this. at least we got a production, better than empty rite. hehe. and one thing, DANCING is really great! haha=p

well everyone, no offense k. really.. i'm juz saying out my thought and comments. hope u guys understand. wow, quite a long post huh. hope u guys r still awake. haha! anyway, good luck in o level. jia you! to those who r stil playing out there, STOP PLAYING AROUND LE LA!! hehe. muahz and hugs to ya all!! GAMBATE! love, Susan.



Hey everyone..
Nyssa here..

I'm really sorry bout the dance, it's just that my sister is getting frustrated about the changes and is also very busy. Besides that, for 30 over people to be dancing a dance with the time limit of 8 minutes and only one week to practice, its almost impossible to pull off. So, the only dance I could think of which is of course the indian dance, and it's not those traditional ones.

Anyway, suggestions on what kind of dance would be much appreciated along with prefference of songs....




Yuki here....
At last i'm here..took me so long to sign in as i remember the wrong password..hehe...

u guys post so many things here..

well...i duno wt 2say...juz hope we all work hard for the o level exam, i m sure we all cn get gud results..jia you..gambatte...

** haf any1 seen my bio notebook..the 80pages book is lost agen, plz kindly sms me if u c it..plz...thanx**

*to syarifah:soli, i accidentally took ur physic practical book, i'll return on the 16/11...



>> Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Take note of the POA extra class time table at the bottom of the page.

Anyone who wishes to get the O Level Syllabus, Past Year Paper, Marking Scheme and Examiner's Report can visit

* All Subjects available.



>> Monday, October 8, 2007

I agree with Mark about this Indian dance thing. I know I might not be there, let alone dancing, I'm not trying to be racist, but THIS sounds FREAKY. I wouldn't want my classmates to pounce around the stage bobbing and shaking their necks like nutters. THIS NEEDS SERIOUS CONSIDERATION.

On a lighter tone, I've found a way to upload my MIDI piece. It sounds horrendous, so if you don't want to waste a minute and forty five seconds don't click on the link.

Brace your ears: By the way, I named the piece Pan's Monotone, but the damn website doesn't include the apostrophe or whatever for some reason.




Sorry for being a wet blanket in class today about the dancing thing. It is jus tat it is goin to be our last performance in skool as students. I may being selfish but i realli dun wan to do tis. Even so i think it is great tat every1 is willing to dance except me which makes me feel like a son of a ***** for not, but is every1 goin to be happy? Yes, I know it is goin to be fun n all during practise but do you realli wan to dance this so called indian dance which is not like the indian dance we see on tv (which is wat grace said), or you jus say yes coz every1 is willing n you don wan to be the sore thumb. Anyway forget wat i've written. i jus feel i need to let it out. I dunno y i couldn't let it out in class. i almost cried in front of grace which is a bit embarassing. ok, conclusion, I'm am willing to dance if it is not too indian for me n no indian song. tis would onli make it a group dance not indian dance. Watever la as long as not too indian n no indian song.



For Joyce

>> Sunday, October 7, 2007

I dedicate this to Joyce! Doesn't it represent her? I took this months ago. Its part of her bag by the way. Hope you like it, Joyce... But I don't think she's gonna be able to see it anytime soon...

Sing Yee


Slideshow is up and running...

Hei, the slideshow is up on the side of the page. I dun hav lot's of pics so sry if dun hav u.Emm u can edit the slide at U can sign in with this e-mail n any1 of us can add some more pics. I actually wanted to add a music video wif the slide show but it is too big. i mean it will cover the pics. So i took it out.O ya i also added the counter at the bottom of the page to see how many hits we hav. I also jus put up a music player playing Who knew by pink cos i think the song suit the slide. Hope u enjoy the slide n dun forget to vote if u hven vote at the poll at the end of the page.



A Video To Share.

>> Saturday, October 6, 2007

Funny Videos

I really love this! Very meaningful...for me at least. Enjoy!

Sing Yee

PS Ignore the "funny videos" link by the way. It's useless


Supatra here

Dear F5A Students,

Wow....what an amzing blog we have! I feel touched reading all the comments.^0^ I know nothing abt blog so it took me quite some times to figure out how to post a comment here. Thanx for the person who made this blog for us....we'll be able to keep in touch with each other easily now, no matter where we go....

First of all, for all our classmates there, Good luck in O Level! It's only a few more work hard! I know it's tiring but Jia you. ^0^ Believe in yourselves and aim for your goal. The greatest enemy of all lies in ourselves! Just try your best so that you'll have nothing to regret when you reach the end.

Well, for those who doesn't know me well...should I do some intro about myself?

Name: Supatra Lee (you all know that but REMEMBER it for the rest of you life!!!!hahaha...) It's a Thai name not Indian or Indonesian! I got this name cause my mom's a Thai. Chiang Mai is my hometown and the food there's great. And oh!.....I love ti EAT!!!

Oh yeah..... I'm not a nerd! >0< Same as most of you, I am lazy as well. I think that study is one of our responsibilities and it's a way to assure good future. However, I enjoy the process and the time I finally reach my goal. I like the feeling of winning, may be that's the factors that make me study hard!

For such a long time, I was in a class with small population until last year I joined this big family. F5A sure gave me lots and lots of sweet memories and this year is the most special year I ever have in CHMS. F5A will always lie in my heart and I'll never forget you all!




Hei, Mark here agen for the secong time in 1 day. Emm Jus wanna say tat I've started a poll n will renew it once every 2 weeks so be on the look out for new polls. The polls will be at the end of the page so go n vote! Cos u hav the right to! No need to worry this poll can onli get as dirty as my mind can get. I'll also post the results at skool every 2 weeks. So pls do vote if this is to be suceessful... thx


Mark Wif the pics

Hei, 1st time blogging so it is goin to be very short.Well, i already dunno wat to say... well i'll upload some more pics for u guys n hope u guys pass o lvl wif flying colors.

P.S. Heroes Season 2 is starting along wif

avatar season 3. if wan tell me la...


Hi! Sing Yee here...

Hmm, I really got nothing to say... So, I'll just upload a photo. A picture says a thousand words... I love this photo. It's really cute. Mushrooms are tasty...mmm. This pic is by werol, an awesome photographer on

I think we're like these mushrooms. Except there are more than three of us, hehe. No matter how blur the rest of the world becomes, we must always be able see one another as clearly as ever. Well, that's it. Till next time. Peace out. Rock on!


Ching Yaw was here.

>> Friday, October 5, 2007 guys are really fast....and I thought I would be the first to even remember this thing. Firstly, the classic good luck in your GCE O'levels! I don't know about you people, but I am going to need a large portion of it.

And people, please remember to say who you are when you're submitting a reply. It's really confusing if you don't. Oh yeah, I've got this SUPER pic to show you guys...some of you may have seen it before, I don't know, anyway:

Sorry, michoko, couldn't resist, copyright's yours, I know. And to the person in the photo, no offense meant. Great pic, she looks cute as a teddy bear! We shall all have a picture to remember our explosive and forever euphoric classmate!



We Are gOInG tO GrAdUaTe!~~

hahaha.. HELLO!!~~ I din even go update my own blog.. haha.. but here am i to update our class's blog~ hahaha.. see i am so wei da~ anyway.. to cut out all the craps~

WE ARE GOING TO GRADUATE SOON!!~ sniff~ gonna miss u guys so so much~ it's been 2 yrs!! for most of da classmates in our class.. i think it's more than 2 yrs!! oh man~ hahah..

our class is one of da most talented class in da whole school~! for every prize giving during da assembly.. there is always one of us to go up the stage to receive the prize! no matter wat it is.. eg: academic.. sports.. drama.. or bla bla~ we r there!! hahaha..

we r loud! juz like one of u had mentioned on the previous post~ hahaha.. we talk too much.. then make the teachers went crazy~ hahaha.. so typical of us!~ oh yea~ i juz realised that we din even sing out of tune when we sing the birthday song to chai eng on the 2nd oct~~ i think we really improved!! hahaha.. but soon we are going to seperate~ we have to go in different paths.. we must really keep in touch thru this blog~ haha.. update urself!!

well.. being a class with u all.. it's the best thing that happen to me in my school life~ we work hard together~ we laugh together~ we clean our class together~ we discuss parties together~ we experienced things together~ we get scolded by teachers together~ we make our teachers angry together~ we do silly things together~ and oh yea!! Ali and Siti~ haha.. our favourite names! haha.. it's really memorable and sweet when i think abt it again~

we need to grow up in order to get on with our life~ so yea~ hope we can have a reunion like twice a year?? haha.. we had our class gathering on june 9th.. y dun we juz make that date official.. like we meet on that date every twice a year.. so wat do u all think?? i will bring it to the class to discuss~~ hahaha..

lastly, u all study hard ah~~ o level's coming.. 12 more days~ hahaha.. we all jia you so that the notice board will post our faces on it~ hahaha.. try ur best~! God bless u all~

loves and hugz

take care..

p/s: our class production for da graduation day is still on~ i will also bring it to the class to discuss~



>> Thursday, October 4, 2007

Students of F5A,

Just cause the O level is coming doesnt mean we have to study study everyday. Im not saying dont study but dont stress yourselves out yea... Enjoy your last year of secondary education, people. Of course, unless... Choi choi... No la.. kidding only...

yours sincerely,



Ian here.
We have a photobucket account now! Made with this email account for our class members to know.
No photos uploaded by me yet because my camera doesn't get good pictures a lot.



haha...lastly i successfully "came" into tis thingz...all thx to pin jia...(haha i thx u already o...)wanna guess who m i???haha...WAYNE things to remind...ian or jank'n...dont forget to put my name again...just to remind u so u dont forget again...haha...someone wanna upload pictures...cause i dont see colourful stuff in here...haha...dont ask y i dont wanna put...its because my internet speed is damn slow...

dunoo wat to say...maybe...O level is study hard and strive for AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!DONT PLAY DOTA...IT WIL GET U ADDICTED!!!

JIA YOU>>>>>>>haha
hey do we hav a farewell party for f5a one more time???





>> Wednesday, October 3, 2007

PInjiA wAs hEre!!!!!! XD..

to All F5s, gD luck in GCE!! ALl the bEsT.. hUgz



Ian here. I don't think anyone's gonna put up anything anytime soon so I'll just write an intro.
Gah, what intro do I put?

We're Form 5 A. The so called cream on the top, haha.
We're this big venn diagram thing where we all are different groups hanging in our own groups and once in a while chatting with members of other groups. We've got... I'll stop there or they're gonna throw knives at me.

Class members are (off the top of my head):
Choo Yee, Ying Hee, Chai Eng, Yoke Khee, Vicky, Chia err..., Henry, Kuo Hong, Pan, Huat, Andrew, Elena, Chui Rou, Nisa, Sing Yee, Sharifah, Pin Jia, Collie, Supa, Joyce, Cheow Wei, Ngok Lin, Zen Lee, Seng Wei, Mak, Chuan Ho, Joo Sie, Crystal, Nyssa, Jane, Tung Lian, Grace, Susan <- Heh, almost forgot you two. Does Wen Jun count? *shrug*

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Otherwise, sue me.

Our form teacher is Shanti (sp?) who teaches Bio as well.

We're loud probably all the time. Give us papers, we discuss. Give us a free period, we... discuss. Give us homework, we complain. Give us a project, we discuss. Someone's birthday, we sing. We're just loud, yeah. =\

Right. Now onto our views towards our studies. Most of us (aherm) are hardworking. There are some... unique ones who don't exactly have the same views. Some are hardworking, some ignore class stuffs and rush their studying the night before exams, some who are hardworking do that anyways, some shrug off homework and some already know it all.

Class motto: Kill the book, get the knowledge

That's about it. Before I get out of hand, I'll stop here. Hope this intro ain't too lame.


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F5A of CHMS'07


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