>> Wednesday, October 10, 2007

hey hey everyone. Susan here. well, this is d first time i blog. and i never do this b4. hehe. well, u guys shud noe wat am i gonna say (all those farewell, sadness, happiness thingy), so i dun wanna say it here again. just wanna make it short and fast. All of U will going to receive my letters during graduation day, and that's my words for u all. hehe. well, juz wanna give some response on this blog. thanks to that PERSON who created this blog. this is a good way to contact with each other after leaving d school rite? but ah, i bet that this blog will be cold after sometimes. opps~ =p due to laziness, busy and bla bla. hehe. but i really hope that all of us could make this blog "hot" forever. forever? =p

well, about our class dance, 'indian modern dance'. yea, i think that's our last production in school as students. And, it's CLASS production, that means everyone has to involve in it. it's not that we're forcing u guys to join, but try to think of it, it's our last year. why dun u guys try to make something special and unique in ur school life, for those who never dance or perform on stage b4. try to do something special that u never did b4, or even if u did. please do not limit ur ability. juz like grace said, dun let other ppl to have only one kind of impression on u. =D hmm.. i think it's quite tough to complete d dance, but i blif, we sure can do it if we cooperate and have confident in ourselves rite? impossible is nothing. Asal we do our parts and be involve in it, rite? c'mon 5A, let's do this together ! =)

to Mak, i was really surprised when u din raise ur hand dat day. i expected that most of d ppl with agree with d dance, including u. but who knows. know wat? for my thought, if a person who really loves to dance, enjoy in dancing, he or she will never limit his ability in ANY type of dances. in d end, it's also a dance rite. moving ur body and expressing out ur feelings n emotions, enjoying on d stage with d music. dun u think it's great? and i bet u have this kind of feelings too. hehe. btw, it's already have said "modern indian dance" lo, of cuz it wouldnt be same like on d tv that u have watched. for sure there will be some diff n modifying. i blif that nyssa's sister, nichola can do this perfectly, only if we cooperate with her. and we shud appreciate and b thankful cuz there's someone willing to help us on this. at least we got a production, better than empty rite. hehe. and one thing, DANCING is really great! haha=p

well everyone, no offense k. really.. i'm juz saying out my thought and comments. hope u guys understand. wow, quite a long post huh. hope u guys r still awake. haha! anyway, good luck in o level. jia you! to those who r stil playing out there, STOP PLAYING AROUND LE LA!! hehe. muahz and hugs to ya all!! GAMBATE! love, Susan.


F5A of CHMS'07


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