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>> Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi. chia shing here, Nyssa , tell your sis that i and almost all of the f5a students appreciate her help. It is understandable that your sis is frustrated right now and just help me to tell her, thank you, for spending her time helping us to make our graduation night a success.

As for students of f5a, this is our last yr and i think most of us want to make our graduation day the best memory in our life or maybe part of the best ones. Why don't we just go with it and make it a success? to those who do not like the idea of dancing this dance, pls gv it another thought, mayb we will come up with a different perspective. just gv it another try alright?

as for our GCE O level, do your best everyone, be a nerd for once...(just kidding! haha) Work hard, study hard and smart, and get many many 'A's o... And this is chia shing reporting from madang manggis wishing you the best results that you can get... I'm hooked with reporting.......


F5A of CHMS'07


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