Slideshow is up and running...

>> Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hei, the slideshow is up on the side of the page. I dun hav lot's of pics so sry if dun hav u.Emm u can edit the slide at U can sign in with this e-mail n any1 of us can add some more pics. I actually wanted to add a music video wif the slide show but it is too big. i mean it will cover the pics. So i took it out.O ya i also added the counter at the bottom of the page to see how many hits we hav. I also jus put up a music player playing Who knew by pink cos i think the song suit the slide. Hope u enjoy the slide n dun forget to vote if u hven vote at the poll at the end of the page.



F5A of CHMS'07


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