>> Monday, October 8, 2007

Sorry for being a wet blanket in class today about the dancing thing. It is jus tat it is goin to be our last performance in skool as students. I may being selfish but i realli dun wan to do tis. Even so i think it is great tat every1 is willing to dance except me which makes me feel like a son of a ***** for not, but is every1 goin to be happy? Yes, I know it is goin to be fun n all during practise but do you realli wan to dance this so called indian dance which is not like the indian dance we see on tv (which is wat grace said), or you jus say yes coz every1 is willing n you don wan to be the sore thumb. Anyway forget wat i've written. i jus feel i need to let it out. I dunno y i couldn't let it out in class. i almost cried in front of grace which is a bit embarassing. ok, conclusion, I'm am willing to dance if it is not too indian for me n no indian song. tis would onli make it a group dance not indian dance. Watever la as long as not too indian n no indian song.



Pan October 8, 2007 at 7:13 PM  

Yes, I agree with you. But I've got no say,coz I probably won't be at graduation, haha.

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