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>> Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dear F5A Students,

Wow....what an amzing blog we have! I feel touched reading all the comments.^0^ I know nothing abt blog so it took me quite some times to figure out how to post a comment here. Thanx for the person who made this blog for us....we'll be able to keep in touch with each other easily now, no matter where we go....

First of all, for all our classmates there, Good luck in O Level! It's only a few more work hard! I know it's tiring but Jia you. ^0^ Believe in yourselves and aim for your goal. The greatest enemy of all lies in ourselves! Just try your best so that you'll have nothing to regret when you reach the end.

Well, for those who doesn't know me well...should I do some intro about myself?

Name: Supatra Lee (you all know that but REMEMBER it for the rest of you life!!!!hahaha...) It's a Thai name not Indian or Indonesian! I got this name cause my mom's a Thai. Chiang Mai is my hometown and the food there's great. And oh!.....I love ti EAT!!!

Oh yeah..... I'm not a nerd! >0< Same as most of you, I am lazy as well. I think that study is one of our responsibilities and it's a way to assure good future. However, I enjoy the process and the time I finally reach my goal. I like the feeling of winning, may be that's the factors that make me study hard!

For such a long time, I was in a class with small population until last year I joined this big family. F5A sure gave me lots and lots of sweet memories and this year is the most special year I ever have in CHMS. F5A will always lie in my heart and I'll never forget you all!



F5A of CHMS'07


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