Thanks, Nicole~!

>> Thursday, October 11, 2007

hey hey~ Grace is here again~! i agree to what Susan had said~! hahah.. we really have telepathy connection~ hahaha.. althou the preparations for the graduation is really limited and short.. but i know we can do it.. u all contribute co operation and teamwork.. everything will be fine~! hahaha.. it doesn't matter how the dance and singing goes.. it's the heart that counts~! if we r willing to try our best THEN our production will be Great~! really great~! so.. for now.. everybody study hard and get good results.. let's juz worry abt the graduation thing after the exams~! kkk?? best of luck!

to Nicole: (nyssa, pls pass the msg to ur sis)
thank you for willing to teach us the indian modern dance~ thank you`! hope u r not too frustrated~ we will really work with u~ sorry to ma fan u~ and thank you for fulfilling our dream~ to have a class production~ we will really have a great graduation night tis year.. unforgettable and memorable~ hahaha.. so see u after o level~! we will have intensive practising~! thanks a lot!!!!!

loves and hugz

God bless~!

take care!~


F5A of CHMS'07


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