We Are gOInG tO GrAdUaTe!~~

>> Friday, October 5, 2007

hahaha.. HELLO!!~~ I din even go update my own blog.. haha.. but here am i to update our class's blog~ hahaha.. see i am so wei da~ anyway.. to cut out all the craps~

WE ARE GOING TO GRADUATE SOON!!~ sniff~ gonna miss u guys so so much~ it's been 2 yrs!! for most of da classmates in our class.. i think it's more than 2 yrs!! oh man~ hahah..

our class is one of da most talented class in da whole school~! for every prize giving during da assembly.. there is always one of us to go up the stage to receive the prize! no matter wat it is.. eg: academic.. sports.. drama.. or bla bla~ we r there!! hahaha..

we r loud! juz like one of u had mentioned on the previous post~ hahaha.. we talk too much.. then make the teachers went crazy~ hahaha.. so typical of us!~ oh yea~ i juz realised that we din even sing out of tune when we sing the birthday song to chai eng on the 2nd oct~~ i think we really improved!! hahaha.. but soon we are going to seperate~ we have to go in different paths.. we must really keep in touch thru this blog~ haha.. update urself!!

well.. being a class with u all.. it's the best thing that happen to me in my school life~ we work hard together~ we laugh together~ we clean our class together~ we discuss parties together~ we experienced things together~ we get scolded by teachers together~ we make our teachers angry together~ we do silly things together~ and oh yea!! Ali and Siti~ haha.. our favourite names! haha.. it's really memorable and sweet when i think abt it again~

we need to grow up in order to get on with our life~ so yea~ hope we can have a reunion like twice a year?? haha.. we had our class gathering on june 9th.. y dun we juz make that date official.. like we meet on that date every twice a year.. so wat do u all think?? i will bring it to the class to discuss~~ hahaha..

lastly, u all study hard ah~~ o level's coming.. 12 more days~ hahaha.. we all jia you so that the notice board will post our faces on it~ hahaha.. try ur best~! God bless u all~

loves and hugz

take care..

p/s: our class production for da graduation day is still on~ i will also bring it to the class to discuss~


F5A of CHMS'07


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