>> Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ian here. I don't think anyone's gonna put up anything anytime soon so I'll just write an intro.
Gah, what intro do I put?

We're Form 5 A. The so called cream on the top, haha.
We're this big venn diagram thing where we all are different groups hanging in our own groups and once in a while chatting with members of other groups. We've got... I'll stop there or they're gonna throw knives at me.

Class members are (off the top of my head):
Choo Yee, Ying Hee, Chai Eng, Yoke Khee, Vicky, Chia err..., Henry, Kuo Hong, Pan, Huat, Andrew, Elena, Chui Rou, Nisa, Sing Yee, Sharifah, Pin Jia, Collie, Supa, Joyce, Cheow Wei, Ngok Lin, Zen Lee, Seng Wei, Mak, Chuan Ho, Joo Sie, Crystal, Nyssa, Jane, Tung Lian, Grace, Susan <- Heh, almost forgot you two. Does Wen Jun count? *shrug*

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Otherwise, sue me.

Our form teacher is Shanti (sp?) who teaches Bio as well.

We're loud probably all the time. Give us papers, we discuss. Give us a free period, we... discuss. Give us homework, we complain. Give us a project, we discuss. Someone's birthday, we sing. We're just loud, yeah. =\

Right. Now onto our views towards our studies. Most of us (aherm) are hardworking. There are some... unique ones who don't exactly have the same views. Some are hardworking, some ignore class stuffs and rush their studying the night before exams, some who are hardworking do that anyways, some shrug off homework and some already know it all.

Class motto: Kill the book, get the knowledge

That's about it. Before I get out of hand, I'll stop here. Hope this intro ain't too lame.


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F5A of CHMS'07


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