well.. things came to the end..

>> Monday, November 26, 2007

hey ppl,
we made it~! we ALL made it~!! we had graduated from CHMS.. time really flies~! all the best to u guys.. u guys r really great during the performances.. no matter dancing or singing~! u r all really really really GREAT~!! and this is the good thing.. the bad thing is u all is so naughty till i shouted at u all.. then now i have no voice liao lor.. haiyah u all.. have to buy vitamin C for me liao la.. hahaha..

anyway.. i really thank you all upon the performances we all made.. thank you for co operating with me.. i am sorry if i shouted at u personally.. i really dun mean it.. u know when the real day is coming nearer u will feel very jing zhang when u see the performances r not yet perfect yet.. so.. sorry ah~ i dun really mean it..

and thank you for making my dreams came true.. i always wants a class production.. and now.. we had done it~! thank you`!thank you all for giving me so much sweet memories.. and for making me hardworking in da class.. and let me have an opportunity to join u guys~!

take care oh, everybody`! we must really must like have reunion again soon.. keep on updating tis blog so i know where u all r.. so i can organise again.. or other ppl can organise again.. jia you oh~! will miss u all a lot alot`! and again thank you~!!!! we had been classmates for 2 years.. it isn't too long or too short.. it's full of sweet memories.. althou we fight, we disagree with each other.. BUT we r still the big family.. onli different personality de ppl can make each other learn.. to learn their good points and change their bad points.. we r like small pieces of puzzle.. and kena fix together to be a great big picture~!! always and always be together... to f5a of 2007~! u all rocks~!! love everybody`!!

loves and hugz

God bless~



>> Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finally graduated, eh? Well, congratulations to everyone for making it through this long journey. It was fun all the way to the end and I kind of regret having to leave so early... Hence me writing this right now. <.<

Err... Sorry I didn't write letters to anyone. I guess I couldn't acknowledge the fact that we're going our separate ways but I'll leave my farewell note here for everyone to see.

We've known each other for what? 2-5-10000 years already? At first I wasn't very outgoing huh? I learned this and that and now I get a bunch of letters making me regret not sending any, haha.

Everyone, thanks for putting up with my antics and laughing at my jokes. Thanks for helping me out when... uhh... Thanks for helping me out any time I needed or didn't need it. Thanks for giving me the best memories I could possibly have in my life. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!
The only regret I will get from leaving this school is not spending more time with you guys.

I know we will always end up leaving each other for our own goals but I really wish that we will still see each other after god knows when.

Can't think of anything else to write though I'm sure there's a ton more stuff to speak out in my mind. Haizz mafan lah lazy to browse through my brain liao so I'll just end here.

PS: I want you guys I am proud to have known you all and I also want you to know you all mean the world to me.



Announcements + loso things.

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey guys. susan here.

Well, a few announcements here. about d prom nite, the tickets are OUT and some of them are wid me now. so u guys can buy from me whenever we meet. in case some of u might forgot, it's $30 per ticket. i think we all will be seeing each other everyday rite, cuz of d dancing practice. hehe. so yea. Form 5A, please do come yea. u wont regret de. It's once-in-a-life-time Form 5 prom nite and it's worth to go. hehe. well, another announcement here, that is, during prom nite, who wanna perform something on stage? ok, let say SINGING. anyone wants? it can be a group or solo too. anything asal it's from our class. cuz we need representatives from our class to perform something on stage. as u know, d main point/characters is our FORM 5s. so yea. please tell and contact me ASAP as we need to arrange yea. thank u!

Again, d loso-ness. haha. hmm. abt our class production, the DANCE. thanks for cooperating with me when teaching and instructing. i noe my temper and attitude are not really good, so please do tahan for these few days yea. i'm kinda straight and so please dun mind if i shout out from far to correct u guys in front of ppl. to be fast and clear, that's d onli thing i can do. hope u guys can understand. hehe. i want this production to be PERFECT! so hope u all can cooperate till d end. and please, DO NOT talk when i'm teaching or telling something. (especially chai and seng wei them. i noe u guys are good in talking but juz lend me ur time for once. =p) haha. i'll get frustrated and i wont know when's d volcano gonna errupt o! haha. if u dun wanna get hurt (as in insult), juz lend me ur ears and brain with a zipped mouth. of cuz u can ask if there's any question. hehe.

well, agen, i want this dance to be perfect and i know we all can do it! u all are really great and wonderful! jia you and fight till the end! it's d last production here and hope u guys like it~ THANK YOU VERY MUCH. =) muahz!* luv u all~! jia you!



hey guys..

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

thx alot for everythin.. i love u all.. n chingyaw, i dn hate u lar.. haiyo.. blehz.. u know my temper is like tat de.. n im straight forward person.. so yea.. sorry if i do somethin wrong or hurted u guys.. good luck in future, all the best.. God bless.. n qilah my laopo.. i will miss u so so much.. if i still in bru next yr n if i got my license.. i will go ur house in midnight n kacau u.. muahahaha.. XP.. hahahaha.. susan n grace too... lub u guys.. hugz.. aha.. muahz

xoxo, pinjia


For F5A: Remember The Day We Sang

>> Monday, November 12, 2007

Dedicated to F5A! Brought to you by the Geek and the courtesy of Vicky's finger. Thanks Vicky! This is taken during our last day at school. I know we didn't really sing that day but just to make it dramatic and sad, I titled this picture like that. hehe.

3 days left! Only three days left. Seems a long way off...T_T but it'll pass. Let our courage carry us forth the seemingly insurmountable. Let us climb to the heights of this challenge!! History only remembers the enduring determination of the strong. Only when we stand on the highest frontiers shall we truly be great...

Haha...just a cheesy bit of speech. Just so you know, copied this from an astro commercial... A bit crazy from the exams. Pardon my moment of sillyness.


i( Grace) nominate Mark's idea~

>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

ok.. hahah.. what Mark is thinking now is what i am thinking too.. we have it as a group dance with ONE song.. and the song must be the kind that make ppl feel so gan dong and i dunno how to say la.. like very grand like that too.. i even think of throwing confettis at the end of our programme.. hahaha.. we can suggest to NICHOLA (nyssa's sister) our main cheorographer.. hahaha.. she will make the decision.. hahaa.. so.. i want our class first and last production to be really great and cool.. and make ppl will remember eventhough we already graduate~!!!

ok.. here is the conclusions that i had juz discuss with huang lao shi~

we get to use the dancing on the 17th nov.. from 8 to 5 pm.. so guys.. pls make sure u attend and cooperate with nichola.. so our production will be a blast.. and on the night.. onli our class is going to perform.. we have 10 mins.. to sing and to dance.. i think both programme r seperated.. dance first then change back to school uniform then we sing.. and they will be a lot of parents and friends coming.. hahaha.. and we onli have one week(less than 1 week) to prac.. so u guys really need to cooperate~ that's all we can do..
and nichola can onli teach for 3 days.. coz she need to go somewhere.. so onli 17th 18th and 19th.. she will be coming.. after that.. it's on our own.. haha.. and i hope those who took commerce can come on the 17th nov noon.. juz to make sure where u all stand and those things.. i will get to u guys after the exams abt the details again..
so.. study hard for now~~~ hahaha.. jia you oh.. 4 more days.. then we r free~!!!! yesh`!

first practice will be on the 17th Nov~ from 8 am to 5 pm.. make sure u r there.. Venue: dancing room..

we will have break arnd 12 to 1..

work hard for ur studies and our class production`!!

loves and hugz



The End With a BANG!!!

Hello, guys. I got a dream last friday nite n guess wat was it about? It is actually about our class production for on our graduation nite... Sorry to say i couldn't remember everything or there would be no need of choreographing but i could see tat it was a success. Well, it's my dream so don't think tat i said tat so there's no need to work too hard, u'll be wrong. U hav to earn every success n learn from every failure.

Back to the dream. Well, having tat dream gave me an idea. It's onli a idea. Instead of changing from one type of song to another(i.e. From hip hop to ballroom), we can use orchestrated songs. This was inspired by the talk about wonderful composer i had wif ching yaw n sing yee. i did some research on hans zimmer, the onli name i remember, He composed the songs for pirates of the carribbean so i went to dl the soundtracks to listen to it. Some of the songs a very vibrant which i think is good to be use with a lot of people on stage.

Think about it, i even tried dancing to the songs but it is unlike anything i've ever done(in a good way) n i think susan, vicky n yoke khee know how to dance to this kind of song as they r from the dancing troup. Wif nichola's guidance on how to put on a show, we can do it. So do u want to put on the best massive performance this freaking school hav ever seen? Btw, the onli massive performance i've seen in this school r the musical from english week a few years back, the slapping performance performed by the form 5 2 years ago, we're all in this together last year n thousand hand guang yin. and the best i've seen is the cian shou guang yin. so do we wanna top them all or die trying? When i say massive performance, i mean 20 ppl n above on the stage at one time.



hEy hEy.. contaCt me iF room available.. XP

>> Monday, November 5, 2007

Erm Erm.. hEy u guYS.. as u All knOW zhuANg lao shi is comin bAk foR ouR gRaduAtion.. oR mAyb u guyS dunno.. anyway.. yA.. shE iS comIN bAk.. on 22nd aT niTE.. so so.. sHE wAn me TO finD n C whosE hoUSe shE cAn sTay in.. So wHose hoUSe is avAilAble foR ouR dEaresT tchEr.. plZ teLl me yA.. ltR shE no plAce to stAy ar.. mAke suRe with mE k??? n i nOt suRe how mAny days sHE gonnA stAy hEre yEt.. buT yea.. So conTacT me ASAP!!! tHx..



IQ Test for Idiots

>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

I found this game amusing so got this up...


Winner - Halloween Mario

We have finally reached a new month which means there will be a new pack of games coming up. And as most of you will know, MARIO was obviosly the winner dominationg the poll with 68% of the votes.

Well, this Mario game is not actually like the ones we usually play, this a a Halloween Edition Mario. Remember to click on the "Full Screen" button to be able to see clearly. And, loading time actually takes up some time but after that it runs pretty smoothly.

And also, games on the poll will last throughout this whole month, except the games put up will change in 2 weeks. I can actually say that this batch of games for this month are ALL really great games.


* Oh yeah, if any of you would like to know more about the games, let me explain.

Air Hockey is the one where you try to get the small tablet into your opponents goal while they try to do the same to yours. You can control the "bat". The one on the table one...

Bejeweled is the one where you have to click on the jewels to make them the same colour then it can "vanish"?

Deal or No Deal is based on a game by NBC where we choose a suitcase out of a lot. and then slowly opening them one by one, hoping the 1 million dollars is in your suitcase.

Shooting Fish. You use the "shooter" to shoot fishes and earn money to upgrade your tools to shoot more fishes.

Sudoku. I don't think this needs much explaination - fill up the boxes with numbers.

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F5A of CHMS'07


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