The End With a BANG!!!

>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello, guys. I got a dream last friday nite n guess wat was it about? It is actually about our class production for on our graduation nite... Sorry to say i couldn't remember everything or there would be no need of choreographing but i could see tat it was a success. Well, it's my dream so don't think tat i said tat so there's no need to work too hard, u'll be wrong. U hav to earn every success n learn from every failure.

Back to the dream. Well, having tat dream gave me an idea. It's onli a idea. Instead of changing from one type of song to another(i.e. From hip hop to ballroom), we can use orchestrated songs. This was inspired by the talk about wonderful composer i had wif ching yaw n sing yee. i did some research on hans zimmer, the onli name i remember, He composed the songs for pirates of the carribbean so i went to dl the soundtracks to listen to it. Some of the songs a very vibrant which i think is good to be use with a lot of people on stage.

Think about it, i even tried dancing to the songs but it is unlike anything i've ever done(in a good way) n i think susan, vicky n yoke khee know how to dance to this kind of song as they r from the dancing troup. Wif nichola's guidance on how to put on a show, we can do it. So do u want to put on the best massive performance this freaking school hav ever seen? Btw, the onli massive performance i've seen in this school r the musical from english week a few years back, the slapping performance performed by the form 5 2 years ago, we're all in this together last year n thousand hand guang yin. and the best i've seen is the cian shou guang yin. so do we wanna top them all or die trying? When i say massive performance, i mean 20 ppl n above on the stage at one time.



F5A of CHMS'07


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