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>> Thursday, November 1, 2007

We have finally reached a new month which means there will be a new pack of games coming up. And as most of you will know, MARIO was obviosly the winner dominationg the poll with 68% of the votes.

Well, this Mario game is not actually like the ones we usually play, this a a Halloween Edition Mario. Remember to click on the "Full Screen" button to be able to see clearly. And, loading time actually takes up some time but after that it runs pretty smoothly.

And also, games on the poll will last throughout this whole month, except the games put up will change in 2 weeks. I can actually say that this batch of games for this month are ALL really great games.


* Oh yeah, if any of you would like to know more about the games, let me explain.

Air Hockey is the one where you try to get the small tablet into your opponents goal while they try to do the same to yours. You can control the "bat". The one on the table one...

Bejeweled is the one where you have to click on the jewels to make them the same colour then it can "vanish"?

Deal or No Deal is based on a game by NBC where we choose a suitcase out of a lot. and then slowly opening them one by one, hoping the 1 million dollars is in your suitcase.

Shooting Fish. You use the "shooter" to shoot fishes and earn money to upgrade your tools to shoot more fishes.

Sudoku. I don't think this needs much explaination - fill up the boxes with numbers.

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