>> Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yes, this will be another pointless entry as written on the title. How pointless, u ask? Well, it is as pointless as a pencil that had been use to write a thousand words essay without sharpening. It is also as pointless as a sword that had been use to hack and slash for a thousand years without sharpening. This pointless entry may go on describing how pointless it is but I think you get the point... (Lame huh? You get the joke?)
Actually there are some points under all this pointlessness, in other words, I have something to say. First, I wanna apologize for almost forgetting this blog. If i ever do forget about this blog in the future, please do remind me that it exist. How do I know if you have forgotten about this blog or not, you may ask. Just remember to check the "CHATBOX" for the last time I've said something. If it has been a while since I last said something either means I've been busy or I've forgotten again.
Now, for the thing I wanted to say. Actually I have nothing to say. Just thought I would start a game on this blog to make it less lifeless. The game is called "Got Tagged?Now Post Something." The rules are simple. It is like tag, the ones who got tagged have to post something on this blog then tag another person. You can only tag at most two people at one time and you also cannot tag the person who tagged you. The ones who are allowed to get tagged are the students of Form 5A Of CHMS 2007 since only us know the password. Simple enough right? So let's get this game started, shall we?
To be honest, I just thought of this game while typing this entry. Inspired by the tagging game on YouTube which only happen to you if you are popular. Well, the moment you all been waiting for is here. I'm gonna reveal who gets tagged first. Is it going to be you? Or is it going to be the one who sat just right beside you during schooldays? Drumroll please! Damn, this is my longest entry to date. Haha. Ok, the first one to be tagged is 'COLLIE QUAH YUAN TING' Emm... Hope i didn't spell your name wrong. Wow. This is really long. Too bad I could not write like this in school.


P.S. Please do try to continue this game or this blog will continue to rot. Rot until no one will even think of restoring it to it's maiden glory.

- M -


F5A of CHMS'07


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