Hey hey! Crisis is over.

>> Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hey pplz, looks like 22nd is finally behind us. Maybe the atmosphere in this blog will be less tense. Here's another pic:

I made this simple little manip...Guess whose feet those are?? We all know her....that's the hint.

Well, school's starting soon, and the girls are all a tinsy bit frustrated about the prospect of wearing a tudung...but we'll pull thru, I guess. Just that the first meeting is gonna be funny and weird.

Remember to show up early on the 25th...coz there might be traffic...

Good luck and good year.


ok~ this is how it goes~

>> Monday, February 11, 2008


this is because we need to decide who contact who then need to invite the teachers then settle with the food then amount of money we need to pay.

18th morning.. 9 am.. school canteen... i hope most of u can come~!! hahahaha.. the more the merrier~ hahahaha.. pls la hor~ contact other ppl~

on the 22nd.. i think we juz make the gathering on the 22nd la.. then no need so mafan lor.. change here change there.. pls contact those who never come and visit the blog.. such as choo yee, henry, tung lian and those ppl la.. and contact me who cant come.. can?? pls.. ok??

i know andrew, collie and vicky already not in Brunei liao.. seng wei is coming back.. who else again ah?? so.. we confirm the date liao la.. 22nd.. 6 pm till 10 pm.. any questions?? if yes.. then post it up~ i will accept~

so?? like this first ah.. any ppl come out with the better idea.. then post it up.. coz now very mafan.. coz we r not in form 5 A class now.. hahahaha.. miss those time~!!

so yea.. hope u guys support this~!!

take care..

loves and hugz

p/s:: yeet yang can u sponsor the bbq thing?? and to other ppl.. support potluck(everyone bring one dish) or bbq or both~ ?



>> Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey guys! I'm here with another picture....again.

This is taken by Maang on deviantart.com.

About the meeting and the gathering, I think the dates are all fine. Grace, I don't think you need to worry about people showing up, I'm sure we all miss being a class. So, people will definitely go.


hey again~!

first of all.. i wanna say.. thank you for the "honour" of thinking that i will get married first.. hahaha.. pls la.. no one will know the future.. hahaha.. who knows ah loh or collie or yeet yang or even pinjia will get mearried first.. hahaha.. so yea.. thanks for voting me anyway~

okie.. that is the not thepoint i am here to blog.. i am here to blog is that.. i think the remaining of the class members shud have one meeting b4 the real gathering.. i mean to fen pei the jobs.. hahah.. agree?? like we have it on the 18th feb?? then the gathering on the 22nd feb.. nite.. any objections??? pls voice out ur opinions.. coz tis the class thing.. hahaha.. thanks you..

take care.. hope i can get some news soon~

loves and hugz


F5A of CHMS'07


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