Everyone, SPREAD OUT??!!

>> Monday, March 3, 2008

Let's make a list of who's here and who isn't or who will be going. Feel free to edit this or tell us who's really where in the cbox.

I'm bored, that should be good enough of a reason.

Andrew - Taylor's College, KL (SAM)
Collie - Taylor's College, KL (different campus, something about cooking and hotels) IT'S TAYLOR'S COLLEGE SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM!!!
Elena - Nottingham? nope Taylor's College, KL (main campus)
Jane - *shrug*
Choo Yee - Canada??? O_O
Nyssa - Forgot
Joyce, Sharifah - JIS
Ching Yaw - Penang if I remember correctly.
Joo Sie, Yeet Yang - PTEB
Zen Lee, Henry, Seng Wei - Curtin Miri
Ngok Lin - INTI Kuching
Susan - Republic Polytechnic, SINGAPURAH!!
Vicky - Sibu, was it?

All the other important people who are too important to list down are in MD.

Good luck to those who are going overseas!! *salute*


F5A of CHMS'07


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