>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey pplz, posting a couple of interesting pic.
Here's a random one.
Elena blocking an otherwise good shot...Check out her expression!! XD Hope you dont mind elena.
Here are some from the bbq at the beach last year:

I find this very hilarious

Vicky, forever so cute.

A rather...erm...windy pic of mak...

Chia Yuin and her fork.

PK and food.

They look like they're having fun...the sign on top says "for 12 years and below"

Now, here are some older pics...


One of the many faces of supa...

From form 4 I think...Boy, do they look different now.

A nice pic of khee in a blue hoodie.

The three wise men doing what they do best...

Commemorating the dissecting of a cow heart....

Eating...cake? Forgotten her hair use to be that way.

She looks happy...Aha! Collie and her old haircut in the bg! and coolman...

Celebrating Potassium permanganate

The following are pics from capers during huat and jasmine's birthday.

Yang and his profanity. (Happy now?!!)


And finally, the duo known for their vanity....



elena and me went to subang parade

>> Monday, April 14, 2008

yeap, we had lunch at kenny rogers muahahahaha~~

forgot to take a picture of the muffins before eating, so here's
how it looks a minute after it was served. yummy ^^

RM 3.50 expensive sprite >.>
although it IS cheaper compared to brunei ahah

black pepper sauce for the chicken~
the quarter meal costs RM 14.90 here in malaysia, how much in brunei ah? elena deleted the pictures of the half-eaten chickens since they look so ugly after we er....demolished it halfway through. AND her pictures that i took >.>

here's mine. i look funny i know, but AT LEAST i didn't delete it like SOMEONE....

we finished eating and the bill came down to RM 38.30 for two quarter meals and a sprite, quite cheap leh =D

elena wanted to go to toys r us. i like dogs. elmos can be seen at the back. there were lots of large-size bears, wonder why we didn't take the pictures...hmmmm...

how subang parade looks like from in the middle of the road, yes in the middle of the road.


these are the only pictures we took~
oh man! i forgot to take pictures of elena's place haha xD


F5A of CHMS'07


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