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>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

Susan and Ngok Lin are back in brunei! And kuo hong's about to take off of to the land of scots. So there was an outing...naturally. On friday. Guess where we went?

Duh, lol.
Before that, met up with them at Ideal's....Forgot to tkae picture there, so dumb...haiz.
Khee and printers.

Red head in a red dress. Nice smile.

Ah hau, chai, kuo hong and yang.


Crystal and susan.

The others....

Susan wanted to buy socks.

Looking at magnet dolls

Pointing ... again. Like always.


Then we went shopping.

Pointing again...


Up and away

Once in a while, we'll all decide to stop suddenly and form a discussion circle in the middle of no where....

Then crystal got super fascinated by this bit of wall right here. Lol.



I see playground bullying going on here!

Hui zhen is giving me the eye...What did I do..? haha

Crys, chai, ngok lin

Group circle again.

Going up! Ignore the two strangers. haha.



They wanna hear chai voice break when he go hi-pitch, haha.

two blokes.


K-Box Group shot. Can see yang outside....haha

Wah, very absorbed into the singing, put all his emo in eh? haha.
One of the songs we sang.


Nice orange...matches the green.


These two no space to stand, so kelian there, standing outside.

Haha, crystal all the way down there.

Khee very happy there. Me looking very idiotic there....

Still singing.

Busy taking pics.

Movie time! Susan, yeet and crystal didnt watch.

Here's a movie still from Mirrors.

After movie. Waiting for car with Jas and khee. Then jas left.

Soon after, Khee left too...
There is a gorgeous litter of puppies in front of my house recently. They are many! and they are...CUTE. Beware, lol.


Mighty Joe Young!
This here is Rambo Jr. Pretty sure it's my dog's son...Dont ask how I'm sure. XP

What can I say? Puppies are adorable.


No more food? T_T

So cute.

Pic of Samson, my latest plush. He's sitting on the exercise bike....also by the name of Samson.

Another one. Starring my bro


F5A of CHMS'07


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