Birthday Post

>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday
Kuo Hong & Susan~!!!


Wedding Rehearsal

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

Today, we rehearsed for Huang Lau Shi's wedding at St George's church. Here are the pics.

First, I stopped by chai eng's house. Supa when she just arrived.


Eng and Hair

Cheow wei arrives

Then yoke khee

lounging. me that look again...

Still lounging. Rehearsing the song...I just went lalalala...chinese lyrics...eeek

Now, jump all the way to St George's school liao.

We were touring the compound.

Mak trying to be emo with the fallen leaves. Lol.

Walking back.

Entering the church

Peeking to see if it's safe.

Mosaic wall deco.

Now, dum dum dum, meet our class's four lau langs. No.1 ENG



and lastly, WAYNE

Going upstairs.

Yeah! We VIP, got special choir area.....



Mak...auditioning for Brunei's Next Top Model.....LOL

Pic with jesus

Wayne's turn


Posing again


Looks like guys like vaining as much as girls do...


View from behind

Three lonely fellas.


Going down again.

Wayne reading the bible(?)

Lol, dramatic.

Bunch of kids...they're the...err, what do you call know they hold flowers and walk infront of the bride....I'll just call them Confetti kids.

Two of them

Teacher's father leading her up the aisle, followed by the bridemaids. One of them is Joyce's sister I think. The man with the camera is teacher's fiance.

Watching...Somebody has a weird expression! Again. Lol

Wannabe models....




Ying Hee waving goodbye, she wait at the church while we go to chai eng's house.

Another umbrella pic.

Halfway, an intense fight started between Mak and Eng

Still fighting, lol.

Two behind.

Four infront. Mak, dunno where...

Walking pass St Andrew's church

My fav photo of the day.



F5A of CHMS'07


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