>> Monday, September 15, 2008

Elena is in Brunei~!
Here are the picture's from yesterday's outing.

Met up with supa first, then chai eng and her sis joined us.

But the stationery shop she wanna go to is still closed.

So, we go down down down, send her to the front door.

Then we took some nice pics using stain glass.

Can you guess who they are?

Manip. Like how it looks.

Nice effect in this one, looks like they're floating in water.

Hmm, who cud it be, doing that kind of pose, eh? Impossible to guess. XP

Lol, the patterns on the railings make her look like she's wearing lace stockings. Nice.

Hu ha! Everybody does kung fu fighting! Lol.


Kek se there. Haha

Gracey and Mak arrives.

Jas, Eng, Supa, Khee
The very first picture I take of Elena...is of her hand....T_T

Ah, there she is. Looking great!

Eng, Supa, Tiong, Khee, Jas, Mak

Thanks to Mak's superior papparazzi skills, this picture of the elusive Bebie Mah was available.



Leaving to Cheezbox. The others go Excapade.


Soon as they got their hands on a camera....they start a vaining session. Lol, this one's pretty cute.


Ying Hee menu-ing.

Hmm...no comment.


What out table looks like.

Elena! Again.

Nachos! Me and Mak share.

Shepherd's Pie. Khee's. Can you believe that's all she had for lunch???

Ying Hee and her food. Luncheon meat and egg, mee soup??

Eng and Supa sharing. Err, dunno name.

Mak's, meatball spaghetti, I think.

Mine, Lamb kebabs

Some form of spaghetti dish with chicken chops. Elena's

Bebie's chicken chops and mee soup.



Harhaha. You can't avoid the camera forever.


Leaving Cheezbox.

Back inside.

On the way up for movie.

It's around this time that my camera ran out of battery...so, no more pics ... Anyways, we went to the arcade, both the new and the old one, to sing K. The new one has nicer songs, newer stuff and also, the vids are the official ones, not the "beautiful lady dancing around a flower garden" kind of vids, lol. I had to leave after that. Not watching movie. So I don't know what happened after. Maybe someone who does can post here...if they want. KK, that's it.

Nice to see you again Elena. Happy holidays everyone. Good luck preparing for AS.



F5A of CHMS'07


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