Memory 3

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

A long long time ago,
maybe when I was around four to six,
Ngok Lin's mom was my baby sitter.
That meant I spent my mornings and afternoons at their place.
As a bratty little kid,
I didn't mind having someone to play with.
Ngok Lin, his sister and me,
we were Power Rangers.
We were Ninja turtles.
All that is needed were towels,
tied around our necks,
and we could fly.
We did actually,
frequently racing around the place,
to Ngok Lin's parents' annoyance.
He was the red Ranger,
His sister was the pink one,
me the yellow one.

One day,
I saw a padlock hooked to the bedroom door.
I had never seen one up close before.
I had seen people shooting them with guns on TV.
I knew it locked vaults and kept money safe.
I wanted to try it out.
I had to.
It was shiny.


Ah, that was cool!
Now, to get it open....
Hmm, I don't think I can...!
Nvm, Auntie will know how.
As I was turning away,
the door shook.
Someone's in there....
A second later,
Ngok Lin's voice came from inside the room.
Then his mom appeared.
I told her my crime.
She yelled that the key was inside the room.

The next half an hour was spent in guilt,
for me,
as I watched her yell instructions at her son to find the key.
After what seemed like forever,
a silver piece appeared under the door.
Then, the padlock was undone,
and Ngok Lin was free.

Okay...that was fun.

Let's watch Power Rangers!


by Mick


Interview with Joyce

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

February 22nd, 2009

Hello Joyce. I'm going to start off with the typical "How are you?"

Tired and busy

Why is that?

The Borneo's Global Issues Conference and U15 Forbissea's performances are coming up.

I know of the BGIC. It's some sort of mock-UN sort of student project or event, right? But what is the U15 Forbissea?

It's a sports event organized for athletes who are under 15. I'm performing in the opening.

Sounds like fun. So, I know it's a long while ago, but how was your CNY?

Nothing much. I went back to my hometown in Sibu. Though, it is the longest CNY I've ever spent in Sibu. 5 days.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the ex-CHMS?

Yes, but not often. I'm having a busy term. I see Tiong and Grace at church. Bebie, Choo Yee, Elena and Collie I meet on MSN.

You know this is going up on our class blog, right? Anything you wanna say to the class?

You guys gave me so many good memories, I really miss you guys. Wish you all the best in working for a better future together.

Aww, that's just like you to say that. Joyce, do you think you've changed at all since you graduated?

Yes. I became more mature and confident. I think the new environments do tend to change people. JIS is a great place.

It definitely is. You know, you always have been, and probably will always be, a happy and content sort of person. How do you do that? Any tips for us depressed people out there?

Me? I guess, you just need to be positive. I do get paranoid sometimes though.

Paranoid? About?

My face. My appearance.

So do we all. But, how do you overcome it?

I just don't think about it that much. Worrying doesn't help anything. I am just the way I am made. Besides, I believe it is inner beauty of self that really matters.

Well said! You're right.

Anyways, being happy makes you healthy.

by Mick


Mick's B'day

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

From the creator of classic hits,
such as "Huang Lau Shi's Wedding Photos",
"Mall Outing Photos 1",
Mall Outing Photos 2"
and many more,
comes the long-awaited "Photos From Mick's Birthday/CNY Open House"!
Okay Yeah, that was lame....
Anyways, lets proceed.

See Wayne at the back?
He wasnt just there by chance...
he actually purposely walked into view...
drinking something...
Yang looks up into the sky.

Vanity Strikes

Return of the Vanity

Bebie in a photo!!!

See the red arrow??
See who it's pointing at?
Or is it "what" it's pointing at?
*goosebumps* brrr....
Ahh, a masterpice.
Take some time to absorb it.
Soon you will see the deep, complicated emotions it conveys,
the great humanity it bravely reveals.
This is truely a work of art.
5 stars.
Yay! Bebie in a photo!!! Again!

Two of the nicest, sometimes evil, people I have the pleasure to know.

She got attitude.

Premier of The Cake.

Receives critical acclaim.
From me.

I don't like this pic....
Looks wrong.
Shud've asked them to sit beside, not behind.

Stripping the cake.

In one corner of the table,
Huatman uses his pin-point focusing abilities,
to peel an egg.
Lol, now it's beginning to look like an egg peeling show down.
All that is left of the cake.
See the mess on the table...?
The red eggs were damn hard to peel.
Most of us wasted about 40% of our eggs.
Yang used a special technique,
passed down from generations to generations,
and achieved perfection.
Huatman's egg was nearly perfect too,
thanks to his acute focus.

And then, only Nisa, Jane(at the back), Yang

and chuan ho and mak were left.
So we sang crappy K. Quite funny.
Test try love's weight, pay out's love keep cannot back.

Karaoke relay while my ma cleans up...

We did not bad.


by Mick


Memory 2

>> Thursday, February 19, 2009

The year is 2005.
I am at the form 3 graduation ceremony.
Beside me, sits Elena, whom I do not know the name of...
I only know her face then.
I know she is from express.
One of the kiasu ppl.
I edge my chair a bit.
So I won't accidentally nudge her.
And have to say sorry.
And so, the hours go by.
We do not speak,
not a word.
A year later,
there will be so much to talk about.
I will find that she is seriously funny.
She will later influence me to pen spin.
And will also give me a cat,
which I will name Roy,
which my mom will absolutely adore.
And she will introduce me to a whole new kind of music.
But right now,
I can't possibly know all that.
And so,
we do not speak.
by Mick


Interview With Wayne

>> Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 10th, 2009

Wayne, how have you been lately?

A bit stressed out with all the CNY thingy, tests and homeworks, and all that stuff.

Wanna elaborate on "CNY thingy"?

What is there to elaborate about? Fine, I'll summarize. CNY crashed with tests. Then going pai nian was like a war. Tiring but fun. Still tiring. Lol, dunno what I'm saying anymore.

So, seen anything interesting in the media lately? In a movie, a book?

Been reading a book written by an ex-FBI agent, about body language. It tells you how to notice emotions and thoughts that people try to hide. It's quite interesting.

On BBC, I saw a documentary about female-male attraction and the science behind it. According to the docu, men are attracted to women for their hour-glass body shape, coz it shows she is fertile. Of course, this is only for first impressions. For more complicated affections, that depends on social interactions and personality and flirting ability.

Is that true for you?

Kinda true.

And for women, they look for height in men because it shows they have good genes. I'm not showing off or anything ok? I'm pretty short compared to western guys.

Ok. Wayne, what do you think is unique about being you?

...I am not very good at academics, never got any gold medals in sports, don't have many gfs coz of my poor socializing skills...I'm just a typical person.

But I am what I am. I am unique in my looks, my style, my sound.

Actually, I can think of another thing that is unique about you. People seem to like kacau-ing you, maybe coz it's easy to get along with you? Did you ever notice that?

Sort of. It's kinda hard to be serious with you guys sometimes, even when seriousness is needed. People don't take me seriously, that is a problem for me. It's hard to make a point sometimes. I guess it's because I hide my uneasiness with jokes and a smile, hence you think I am not serious, but really I'm trying.

Uh huh, I get it. Lastly, anything you wanna add about your life?

I am a normal person. With average things happening to me. Wish that one day, it could be more, but for now, it's only normal.



Lyrics Plugin

>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Found this awesome plug in for Windows Media Player and Winamp.

This plug-in automatically searches for the lyrics of whatever songs you are playing.

Looks like this:


F5A of CHMS'07


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