Memory 3

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

A long long time ago,
maybe when I was around four to six,
Ngok Lin's mom was my baby sitter.
That meant I spent my mornings and afternoons at their place.
As a bratty little kid,
I didn't mind having someone to play with.
Ngok Lin, his sister and me,
we were Power Rangers.
We were Ninja turtles.
All that is needed were towels,
tied around our necks,
and we could fly.
We did actually,
frequently racing around the place,
to Ngok Lin's parents' annoyance.
He was the red Ranger,
His sister was the pink one,
me the yellow one.

One day,
I saw a padlock hooked to the bedroom door.
I had never seen one up close before.
I had seen people shooting them with guns on TV.
I knew it locked vaults and kept money safe.
I wanted to try it out.
I had to.
It was shiny.


Ah, that was cool!
Now, to get it open....
Hmm, I don't think I can...!
Nvm, Auntie will know how.
As I was turning away,
the door shook.
Someone's in there....
A second later,
Ngok Lin's voice came from inside the room.
Then his mom appeared.
I told her my crime.
She yelled that the key was inside the room.

The next half an hour was spent in guilt,
for me,
as I watched her yell instructions at her son to find the key.
After what seemed like forever,
a silver piece appeared under the door.
Then, the padlock was undone,
and Ngok Lin was free.

Okay...that was fun.

Let's watch Power Rangers!


by Mick


F5A of CHMS'07


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