Results Are Out.

>> Monday, August 24, 2009

Okayyy, so the results are finally out.
Now we can focus on what's ahead.
MORE exams.


Good luck to y'all!
Peace out.


Part 2: Ah Lim Returns

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

There he is! Same old same old.
Still willing to spend a bunch of cash on us.
You know, we'll probably never find another teacher like him.
I wasnt pretty active with my cam that limited pics to upload.

This ones nice.

Jankn's experiment with "the forced smile" LOL

Mak's turn

Nisa's forced smile.

Yeah huh, that's about it....
Leaving you with some lines from a very nice song:

Here we are inside a novel,
Waiting for an end,
But we don't know the authors of the book.
Maybe someone's writing chapters
For us while we sleep
From a million miles away.
So hang on, hang on,
There's a twilight,
a night time
and a dawn.


First Post In Quite A While

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

La lol.


So, I finally get the chance to blog...Three months without onlining was almost...liberating. Looks like there is life without the internet.

Anyways, the blog is dead. Yup, as we have all feared...It has indeed died. Except maybe the Cbox. But even the Cbox is becoming a man slowly becoming crazy after being alone for too tom hanks in Cast Away. Or. Robinson Crusoe.

Hmm, what to talk about in this revival post? The A Levels are coming up. But first, mock. You guys ready? Katok has their mocks early...Poor katokians. "Katokians" is a weeeeeeird word. La lol.


Smog. It's been real hazy here these days. Today, for the first time, the sun was of a normal colour again... Man, how do city folks get use to such pollution?? *looking at Beijing* I think the haze thing is serious coz the burning this year's a little closer to home. Belait's burning...60 hectares gone, last time I checked. Borneo's burning in several places...Yesterday, I came home from school, ash was fluttering all round my house...the little patch of nature in front of my place was on fire...traffic was bad.

Haiz. So sad.


Oooo, I remember! I had recall, a few weeks ago, another MEMORY! Tada! La lol.

It was during 1995. Kindergarten graduation ceremony. I was 5. And at the moment, very proud of my graduation overalls and the square hat thing I have seen on tv and always wanted to try out. We were in the Darussalam hall. Isn't it sorta mysterious when you think about it? Almost all of us were there, and yet we did not know each other...but we were going to about eight years later....

Okay anyways. I found myself in the first row, nearest to the stage. I started fidgeting...It was kinda stuffy in the overall. I turned to see my parents...They were mingling...I waved to a far away friend, she waved back. Okay...done. I play with the tail thing on the hat...okay, done. Then I saw this small girl beside me with fair skin.

"Hey, what's your name?!!!"

"Er..Hui Zhen" in a small voice.

"Hui Zhen?? I'm Loh Sing Yee!"

Then I told everyone I could reach from my seat that Hui Zhen was my BEST BEST FRIEND!

"Hey, ni men dong ma? Hui Zhen shi wo the hao peng you!"
"Hey ni zhi dao ta de ming zi ma? Wo zhi dao! Ta jiao Hui Zhen, ta shi wo de hao peng you!"

Boy, was I an idiot. I asked Jas if she remembered, she said she remembered me but did not remember that particular stupid episode. La lol.

I have ran out of fodder to feed y'all. Now what? Is this long enough? In fact, how long should a post be anyways? Someone should really research on that.

..............Ahah! I have checked and found out that there are indeed some photographs in my cam that deserves some attention! That'll have to wait till next post. I know what I'll do, I put up one pic for each post and write a bunch of crap about it. So that way, we'll have lots of posts!

I know I'm really just rambling here...but at least it makes a post. Time for me to hit the "publish" button and revive this zombie! La Lol.


F5A of CHMS'07


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