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>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

So today, we went to Kimchi for lunch then loitered around mall for hours...why?? dunno. Just had nothing to do. No movies to watch till 4.00pm, which was kinda late... only New Moon sneak peeks were showing at 2.00pm...

Nisa bought $10 worth of games while I bought Shadow of the Colossus for my worked at the store...but didnt run back at home. Darnit. Then after putting it in and taking it out around 6 times, it finally worked. Phew... It turned out the disc wasn't uniformly flat... had to put it in at an angle.

Chai Eng was telling us about that trip she went to Thailand just a few days ago. She said it was fun, and that she found the Thai language funny when it came to numbers. 4822, in thai, is pronounced Si Be Song Song.... Lol. Then I told her, 1 was pronounced Neng... so 4811 would be Si Be Neng Neng....

I got to see Ngok Lin. Havent seen him in a while. Got slimmer. Caught a glimpse of Dexter. And I saw Crystal's older sister for the first time. I see the slight resemblance they share.

So lately, ppl are all messed up with university stuff...where, when, what, and confusing. Any of you figured it out yet? Know where you're gonna end up? I most likely am headed for Australia... I think...bleh. You know, all these prospectus reading is really doing shit for my self-esteem. I mean, someone shud teach us about these courses earlier on. Like Cheow wei was asking the other day, what is the difference between Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences? Dunno.

Well I suppose a bit of research and reading will clear things up...still, confusion leads to procrastination, and sooner or later, u realise you dont have much time left. Kinda sad...ppl are leaving...again...wahhh. Am gonna miss what we have here. Mak is leaving on the 8th/9th of Singapore. T_T.

Anyways, just thought I'd post something here. Happy holidays peepz.




>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hello everyone! It's been a long time. The exams are almost over!!! Our decade and a half long slavery as students is almost over! Lol. Heck, life goes on.

There Collie! As promised. =]
I also took the liberty to upload a few other pics.

Eng Eng

He needs no introduction.

Chia Yuin

Fooman and Yih Lynn(sp?)


Mack and Shin Khai

Eelynn and Winnie

Jong Hau(sp?)

Me and Nish


Only thing that comes to mind, no idea why: Michael Jackson

My brother's turn

Okay that's it...Very few pics lately...hmm...

Alrighty, good luck peeps.


F5A of CHMS'07


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