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>> Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oooh i know another chin exercise! lol
Using both thumbs to rub from the bottom of your neck up to your chin. Keep doing this for 5 minutes a day.
I've inherited my double chin-ness from my mum, so I don't think I can get rid of it so easily but I'm pretty sure this works haha

So, I think most of you know I'm in KL now since 2 years ago. ANDDDD! I have finished my Diploma~ It's Diploma in Hospitality Management, no it's not about managing hospitals.. although I can :D its hotel stuff etc~

Me starting my Bachelor Degree now, time seems to fly by sooo fast. Most of you are either studying overseas or working already. When I heard MICK teaching in chms, I was shocked haha like seriously.

and soooooo.... I'm really curious about where everyone are right now, this is what I know so far:

Mark - Singapore
Chai - KL, Nottingham Uni
Tung Lian - KL, Sunway College
Crystal - Kuching
Andrew - Melbourne
Collie - KL, Taylors Uni
Elena - UK, Southampton Uni
Choo Yee - Canada
Joyce - Melbourne
Sharifah - ??
Joo Sie - jobless :P
Henry, Seng Wei - Curtin Miri?
Ngok Lin - INTI Kuching
Susan - Singapore, Republic Polytechnic
Vicky - Sibu?
Kuo Hong - ???
Nyssa - ???
Jane - JIS

I think....
Mick, Nisa, Zen Lee, Yeet Yang, Heng Huat, Chuirou, Tiong, Supatra, Chuan Ho, Ching Yaw, Chai Eng, Yoke Khee, Cheow Wei, Chia Shing, Grace, Pin Jia
....are all CURRENTLY in Brunei. either working or holiday-ing.

Sorry if I miss anyone out. IF.

Everyone should post something, anything in this blog. Even complaints tung lian haha This blog kinda keeps me updated on how you people are doing, even though the cbox is the more active one.



It's A PoSt.....From ShINy ShiNy CRYSTAL~~

>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

well...this is my first time posting something in this a requested from SOMEONE...hahaha...

so..maybe u all knew..i m now in kuching..nth much to do here...cny is coming i had my house cleaning this morning..i was woken up by my 8am...v v v dizzy as i slept at 1am plus..=.="

besides than tat..i also went for my driving think driving is crazy...=.=" after all those classes..i still think it would b better if there are ppl willing to send and fetch me all d times..=.="tat's something i called happiness..however..i dunno about wat others think..haha..anyway..i had attended 4 classes..n the difference between driving classes in malaysia n brunei is..

malaysia:not even 10 mins per class; brunei: at least 1 hr


before learning how to drive..u hv to like attend 6 hrs law class..after tat law test..then attend 6 more hours class..wat theory and amali..=.="i m not sure bout tat...juz went for it n played fone games:eg. meteos, sims etc...v bored.. and d point is...they said hv to attend theory and amali noe wat happen whn we attend amali class..?we waited for 3 hrs sitting there..doing nth...juz wait..for time to time if possible i show u bout d place of my driving school..=.="quite far from sampah sampah..

ohh is about yesterday..whn we went to supermarket..we had this

well..coz they r selling quite we went to the stores..planning to buy a lot of them..however each person can only take 6 we sneak around taking more thn 6 tins..becoz of our greed.we received our punishment..=.="i twisted my hand..and my brother's leg was hitted by a trolley!!!!

so d moral of the day today is....never be GREEDY~~!!! i have learnt my lesson~~~~wuuwuu~~~

okay..tat's it~~hope to c u all soon~~


Too Late...

>> Friday, January 29, 2010

LOL! Is'nt this cool eh? Using blog posts to chit chat. But seriously, it's abit too late for a job. I'll be back soon. Some of you already know the exact date but I'm not spilling anything here and for those who already know don't tell anyone. Anywhere I already got one. Bringing those who come visit around singapore. It may not seem like it but it's quite tiring. Being the guide, you have to carry everything they bought while they buy some more. Haha.

LOL! Cool. Everyone will be in brunei when i come back. This is going to be an awesome Chinese New Year. Can anyone in Brunei keep an eye out for my results? Hopefully they will be good and it will only make my Chinese New Year even more AWESOME. You cannot beat a great two weeks of Ang Pao, Eating, Visits, Family, Friends and most importantly Gambling. Haha.

LOL! You know? The Wheel of Fortune is still running here in Singapore. If you do not remember the Wheel of Fortune, it is the game show where you spin a big wheel to see how much mony u get for guessing a letter in the puzzle. The host and the model is still the same. Now old after 25 years of Wheel of Fortune. Still got people playing on the game show. I'm
watching it at this moment. Haha.

LOL! We have another exerceise of the day! Brought to you by Mick the teacher who had grown from being the geek. So now we have two chin exercises, does anyone wanna do this one while I do the last one for one week. Then we compare which is more effective. Haha.




Ooo, about the chin exercise, I heard another one! You push your lower lip into your mouth as far as you can, then open your mouth widest you can. Lol... You'll look ultra idiotic doing it.

Mark! Get a job lar!! You'll meet new people that way. I saw Zen Lee at a reastaurant in Seri today. Still same old, same old. Owh, and remember Olivia?? She's staying at my place till Sunday or Monday, not sure. Right, I think that's all I have.




>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

LOL! I'm here to revive this blog. Hopefully this renovation of the blog will make you guys post something here once in a while and by a while, I do not mean once every ten years. Come on people, We are ever more further apart now than every. I have not heard from Choo Yee since we graduated. LOL! Does she come here often? Hmm... Who else I have not seen for a long time? Ah! Jane. Where are you now Jane? Henry? Nikki? The list can go on. So post something here when you are free or got something to share. Haha.

LOL! This is a recent news. MICK HAS A BLOG. Everyone should check it out. With only one post (now two.) it has already garnered good reviews. LOL! Go have a good read. The link is up there or just click on MICK in the chatbox to the right there. Haha.

LOL! I just saw a talk show. If you do not like your chin, do something about it. How? Exercise by sticking your tongue out as hard as you can for ten seconds. Feel the burn!!! I have no idea if it works or not but whatever to clear away the double chin right?. Haha.

LOL! I have nothing else to say. My life in Singapore is ultra boring that I myself do not bother to remember anything. This past month went by like a blur. Seriously I have no life at all. So I will end this pos there la. I know that this is not inspiring in any way but I am hoping it would at least get some of you to start posting somethings here.



F5A of CHMS'07


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