>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

LOL! I'm here to revive this blog. Hopefully this renovation of the blog will make you guys post something here once in a while and by a while, I do not mean once every ten years. Come on people, We are ever more further apart now than every. I have not heard from Choo Yee since we graduated. LOL! Does she come here often? Hmm... Who else I have not seen for a long time? Ah! Jane. Where are you now Jane? Henry? Nikki? The list can go on. So post something here when you are free or got something to share. Haha.

LOL! This is a recent news. MICK HAS A BLOG. Everyone should check it out. With only one post (now two.) it has already garnered good reviews. LOL! Go have a good read. The link is up there or just click on MICK in the chatbox to the right there. Haha.

LOL! I just saw a talk show. If you do not like your chin, do something about it. How? Exercise by sticking your tongue out as hard as you can for ten seconds. Feel the burn!!! I have no idea if it works or not but whatever to clear away the double chin right?. Haha.

LOL! I have nothing else to say. My life in Singapore is ultra boring that I myself do not bother to remember anything. This past month went by like a blur. Seriously I have no life at all. So I will end this pos there la. I know that this is not inspiring in any way but I am hoping it would at least get some of you to start posting somethings here.



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