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>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haha. This shud be fun rite? We seem to hav 2 unpublished posts.

Lets See, The 1st one is titled: "Mak wif a Mobile Crisis!!!" LOL! wth? If i wrote it I realli dun remember this man. there is no signature or anything. And its not finished. Some of you will say i wrote one cos got the childish mak feel to it. and I cant argue with tat cos i feel it too. LOL! This is the post.

>Mak wif a Mobile Crisis!!!
1st did i spell "crisis" wrong? Now, my crisis is tat im goin to change my phone at the end of the year n i cant choose between N81 or nokia 6500. Which one is better? Which one do you think suit me? Which one do you want me to have so you can borrow? Which one do you think is prettier? Which one<

LOL! Bullshit man. I wrote it. cant believe i missed the 1st person view. Haizz. WTF? I dunno how to spell CRISIS? Got Spell Check leh... LOL! I was so materialistic then and i didn't even get any one of the 2 fones. Haha. Now i jus like to spend nia. LOL! Well, enough embarrassment on me liao. Our nex unpublished post is untitled but it is signed tho. I'll let u read it 1st b4 i comment any further.

>As I turned away from the last fading sparks of the fireworks display, I saw the moon staring down at us from up above. She was the only one who witnessed, completely, what was truely going on in our lives tonight. Never had I experienced so many things going on in my mind that I was unable to define, so many strange feelings lurking in the corners of my heart, feelings without names.

Some of us weeped with heaving shoulders (Collie...), while some of us were on the brink of euphoria, and some only allowed a tiny amount of tear production. What was expected did not happen and what happened was not expected. So end's a part of our life that has so long been routine to us. What will happen to the uniform I am wearing now?

sing yee here<

Awwww... So... I hav no words to explain it. haha. As expected of her, she produce such a lovely image of our final moments in our uniforms. LOL! haha make me all mushish on the inside. Well's tats all the unpublished posts. Too bad we dun hav more. Everyone shud try write something on here. Who knows wat the autosave will save as draft. HAHA.

Count how many LOL! i have used here. LOL!


P.S. On sunday. You remember its our favourite teaching friend's big day. She's none other than Mick the Teach. Haha. cant get tired of it. If u r then im sry. Lets give her a formal yet casual celebration of the transition from Geek to Teach, yea? So Mick, Wat plans do you hav on tat day?


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