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>> Monday, July 26, 2010

I took this list from the e-mail list back in F5A. Some of the people in F5A didn't provide e-mails so they may not be on this list. Hopefully, I got everyone.

Andrew - Monash, Melbourne. (Civil Engineering)

Bebie - Monash, Melbourne (Accounting)

Chai Yung Hwa - Nottingham, KL (Civil Engineering)

Chai Zen Lee - Curtin, Sarawak (Electrical Engineering?)

Chong Pin Jia - Taylors, KL (Chemical Engineering)

Crystal - Swinburne, Kuching (Electrical Engineering)

Elena - Southampton, UK (Mechanical Engineering)

Foo Chuan Ho - ITB (Electrical & Communications Engineering)

Goh Chai Eng - NUS, Singapore (Bachelor of Science)

Grace - Monash, Melboune (Bachelor of Science - Chemistry)

Henry - Curtin, Sarawak (Accounting for ACCA?)

Joyce - Monash, Melbourne (Pharmacy)

Jane - JIS (A levels finished, waiting for results)

Choo Yee - University of Toronto, Canada (Pharmacy)

Leong Ngok Lin - INTI, Kuching [In Brunei for a bit] (Electrical Engineering)

Liew Seng Wei - Curtin, Sarawak (Chemical Engineering)

Collie - Taylors, KL (Hospitality)

Lim Chia Shing - Nottingham, KL (Computer Science)

Loh Sing Yee - Still in Brunei. Read her blog

Low Joo Sie - UBD (Bachelor of Science)

Wen Jun - Australia... sure I (mick) added him on FB... but has disappeared off my friends list...

Mark - National Service, SG as a Combat Engineer

Nisa - Scholarshipping to Nottingham, UK

Nyssa - ISB?

Pan Ching Yaw - UWA, Perth

Sharifah - Melbourne University, Melbourne

Sung Yoke Khee - MSU, KL (Pharmacy)

Supatra - NYU, Abu Dhabi [Still in Brunei] (Engineering)

Susan - RP, SG (Business Management?)

Cheow Wei - UBD (Bachelor of Science)

Teo Yeet Yang - Most likely going to UWA, Perth (Bachelor of Science - Physics)

Ting Heng Huat - UWA, Perth (Chemical Engineering)

Ting Tung Lian - Sunway, KL (Accounting?)

Tiong Ying Hee - UBD (Medicine)

Victoria - FTMS Centre, Brunei. (Accounting for ACCA?)

Wong Kuo Hong - Strathallan School, Scotland (Heading to Cambridge, if I'm not mistaken.)


F5A of CHMS'07


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