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>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

what m i doing????i m taking out my stress on this watermelon!!!!!!

hi everyone,

wow..tis is somehow my 3rd or 4th time writing on this blog..i dunno where to start off since my life has been so miserable for the past few weeks...been rushing on my f***-ing assignments(my god..n i have been writing bad words) competing with times..sacrified all my sleeping it had come to an end.....THANK GOD!!!

well..i had no idea how engineering can make a person so stress up..and i have been feeling homesick..i missed brunei..i missed my dears..i missed those days which i can slacking off as much as i want..i m so stressed up that i m at the point of breaking for those who havent decide wat course they wanna do and are now considering engineering..pls pls pls think million times...if u wanna free like a bird..dont wanna rush for assignments..wanna spend ur time freely...slowly in the uni..i recommend u to take other courses...i think i m losing quite a lot of hairs...=="which is like..a v v v v v sad n worrying thing for me...i noticed my seniors...who is taking the same course as me (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), two of them(girls)...errmm..quite bald in the center of their head...@@“ i dont really want to believe in i telling u...i m now following their track....god..pls pls pls....i want my thick hair back TT_____TT

besides than losing hairs and have sleeping debts, my life went to the wrong direction...i was doing something..which i a crime..n i dont really wanna say bout it life went wrong..n i was really panicking..i noe..i m not a good and obeying girl,i rebel and fight for my own rights wif my i myself noe and have principles tat i will not walk down the wrong path..somehow..some incident..changed my life..n makes it sucks..i committed a crime..i was so worrying..n helpless..i seek help and advise..n non of these helps me..i was stuck in my own thought whn everyone is telling me.."hey gal...chill down...everything will be fine" i juz cant walk out the darkness in my dear jucy said.."guilt eats me alive"...

so much things had happened..n i fell into a hole...deeply..i was like..blaming all those things on god o n keep complaining.."why did this happen to me" "why choose me" " why m i the unlucky person who had to gone through this" n stuck n my frens were annoyed by me..well mayb not cant help feeling me paranoid..ahahha's true..i was like having argument wif my frens yesterday..n i went to a d mall..visited a bookstore..n two books inspired is "365 ways to become happy"(not quite remembered bout the title) and the others is "how to find happiness in life".. there's one quote " happy people dont ask why they are given hardship bt they ask how and what they can do to conquer it" i think it is right...i have been too negative and brings misery and sadness n worry to my frens around me..hereby..i want to say...sorry joo...sorry vicky...sorry hau...sorry mark...n thanks for walking me out of my darkness...i love u all...muackzz..

show u guys some photos

this is the photo taken at 3am when my teammate n i are doing our circuit and went crazy n decided to cheers our assignment wif coke..overall..we are crazy..coz we hvnt eaten for 24hrs..

finished it at 6am...n yes..we were crazy..we din slept for 48hrs and i juz drank drinks like tea-c and coffee for these 48hrs as my three meals..for tis stupid circuit..we did something stupid too..n sacrified a lot!!!!

HAVE A BLAST~TAT"S LIFE!!! even when u did mistakes..even if u face difficulties..dont forget..these mistakes will become our important lesson and push us to move forward..wat's more..u still got us here..we are one together~even if I m now in Kuching n seperated wif Ju and Vic and Hau and Mark and Sing Yee and a lot more..Wayne..n Zhane..u guys give a lot of strength to me..even if u guys juz chat wif me for cooled down my trouble n worry..we are bonded together..thanks guys~muackzz~love ya all..



hello everyone!

It's my 1st time posting in this blog after reading it for a rather long period of time...haha! Thanks to JanKn for the invite. I'm now spending my hols in KL with my parents, helping to move house from Subang Jaya to Kuchai Lama. Man... the books  are really heavy! Beats going to the gym.

Studying Civil Eng in Monash is pretty tough. It's not so much the final exams, but the projects which are really killer. As an example, for our transportation project, my team spent 4 hrs everyday on the bus collecting data, for 3-4 days. The design of the data collection forms, plus data processing takes an even longer time. We ended up with a 30 page report with 60 pages of data, in our final submission.  Anyway, for the 1st time in my life, spending countless nights 熬夜 is becoming so common! I think I've developed quite heavy panda eyes due to this LOL...

Clayton is almost 20km from Melb city, and since I still can't drive(arghhh), it's takes at least 15 mins to walk to the train station, 30 mins on the train. That's excluding train delays! So it's at least 1.5 hours for a roundtrip! So, I go to the city only a maximum of 2-3 times a month.

My free time is mostly spent on Navigators(a small church group on campus), badminton and table tennis. That's my only relief from the overwhelming study load. Unfortunately, my beloved music has taken quite a backseat from my life, no more 3-6 hr piano practice/day like b4. I've switched from listening to pure classical/jazz and expanded to a lot of rock and pop(Chinese,Cantonese and English). But I still can't take any kind of metal, electronic or rap/R&B stuff unfortunately, however hard my friends sell it to me.

Anyway, I'm kinda bored during the hols, with so little things to do. Aside from learning some AutoCad, I'm trying to take up singing! LOL. There's quite a lot of useful online lessons on youtube and the Internet, if anyone is interested.  So far I'm stuck with deep breathing exercises and breath control. I just realised that I've been doing it wrong for the past 10 years or so. Your stomach area should rise as you inhale and contract as you exhale, whereas for me it's the opposite! It's like the Star Wars quote, " You have to unlearn what you have learnt"....

I'm now trying to memorise a few songs, so if anyone has any good songs to recommend to me, please do! For some reason the music part is so much easier than the lyrics, in terms of memorising. I've already memorised quite a bit of 老男孩 and 你不知道的事.

老男孩 is a really good and meaningful song... recommend everyone to listen to it!

Oh,and if anyone has written some lyrics, please send it to me! So that I can put music to it to ease my boredom...LOL

Have to eat breakfast now... that's it for now



Vicky here

>> Saturday, November 27, 2010

Yay I've been invited to write this blog after 3 years of "read-only" mode :') Gonna blog million posts here as soon as I finish my exam :)



>> Friday, November 26, 2010

So I have been dropping in and out of this blog once a week because i only get the weekends to myself as you all know. And it's most likely the deadest blog that is own by 36 people. Where are all the people? We are F5A.CHMS07 or not? This blog is here and it will always be here until god knows when so why not just update us on how you are doing? Anything you write will be interesting to us as what I am writing is to you. So do remember us as we all grow older and remember our form teacher SHANTIF5A. Please just try to sign in and maybe post one day of your life. We want to know what is happening with you, how is your life wherever you are. If you do not remember the email and pass then just ask around, I am sure that there is still a hand full of us who knows.

I know I never post anything about myself in the army. Well frankly I do not know what to post about. So I am just going to post about this week. This week was fun, we had our Advance Trainfire Package or ATP for short. It just means we went to a shooting range, shooting targets trying our best to hit as many as we can. There were a total of 36 targets and we had to hit 29 to get marksmanship. A badge and $200 would come with it. So I started ok but as the shoot went on i start to miss more and more. Haizz.. Now thinking about it makes me sad. You know the feeling of losing when you really want it. I just want the $200 so badly and it comes at just the right timing, just in time for the year end sales. Too bad, wasted I could not get it. But overall it was quite fun la shooting our weapons. For those who had fired a weapon before you know la the feeling. Eventhough we are having fun there is still a sense of danger la because we are just shooting next to each others. Looking left and right are my buddies eagerly waiting to try and get the marksmanship. haha but most of them did not get it either.

Well I had told some of you guys out there about some of the dramas that happen in the army. Well there are alot, some I myself am either too gullible or ignorant to notice. This week, something happened that makes me feels that the world is just not worth living the rest of my life. People can really suck and it just opened my eye to all the shit that had happened. All the little clues about what a person is like is all there in front of me and I am just too damn stupid to even notice one. I cannot tell whether one is being sarcastic or being truthful. I would just believe them all if you tell me anything. The world is not what I expected, I am still caught up in our perfect little world in CHMS. You guys fun and nice. Here people can really be selfish bastards and still get away with it all. I know this is the real world, it sucks and may only get worse for me. I just do not know how to deal with it. I never had to deal with this before I really have no idea I really hate this . All I know is how to study, nobody can ever teach me how to deal with this type of shit but myself but I have no idea where to start. I cannot keep living the way I am. I am too trusting but this is all I have. I have no choice but to trust the people around me because I am stuck here for the rest of my NS life and I have no one else to turn to to have my back.

So this is me coping with the real world. I hope you guys do not have to deal with this sort of things because everybody's true colors really shine brighter in the army than anywhere else.



have a feeling this post is gonna stay on top for awhile

>> Tuesday, November 9, 2010

so hey people, (WHOEVER'S STILL READING)

i havnt blog much lately, not my blog nor here gahh

im becoming more and more lazy now, but feeling somewhat more motivated by mick. she has this skill of motivating people to do things just by reading what she writes, yea i like reading whatever she writes :D

so i wanna update stuff here but heck , i got no idea what to write.

i think i got really emotional after coming to kl haha i cry a lot too, like sad movies la! and sad stuff, not on daily basis!

hmmm another reason why im motivated to update here is coz im procrastinating from sleeping.

now look at the time, nites!

need to catch up with the brunei people lol


Eh?! New Post!

>> Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey Everybody Who Keeps Coming To Check:

Finally there's a new post. But what to put into the post leh? *shrugs*
Hmm, let's see, Yoke Khee's back in Brunei til the 21st.
We went out yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before that.
Yoke, Yeet and I went to CHMS for laksa on Thursday afternoon.
They put too much milk, tasted weird...
We all ended up playing memory and other made-up games using the chinese chess pieces in the canteen, with an ex-student of mine.
Turned out quite fun actually.
It's interesting how sometimes, you think "God, things sure have changed since our time!"
And then other times, you think, "Ahh, some things never change."

Then it made me think, woah, it's 2010 now. Nearly 2011. What's one year out of so many thousands before this one, and the decades to come? What's one class out of so many before and to come? It's like the school is a conveyor belt, students going in one end, coming out the other. But it's anything but depressing to be so temporary. We had our time, our moment. It felt so long when we had it, but now it feels so fleeting. Like a moment on the photograph. "You can't take a picture of something, unless it's already gone." Well said.

I just watched this episode on tv, where high school friends were reunited at one of their ex-classmate's funeral. They no longer shared anything in common coz their experiences after school changed them. So in the end, the only thing they had in common was that they were in the same class in high school, as different people. It's only natural I guess.

I didn't feel too much nostalgia with CHMS anymore. A lot of new unfamiliar things and people. My time with it has already been erased. Progress is fascinating this way. I wish more people would write in this blog... Just to see how we progress, and how we become more and more different. Come on, people! Don't just drop by! Leave a bit of yourself before you go. =]



F5A of CHMS'07


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