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>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

what m i doing????i m taking out my stress on this watermelon!!!!!!

hi everyone,

wow..tis is somehow my 3rd or 4th time writing on this blog..i dunno where to start off since my life has been so miserable for the past few weeks...been rushing on my f***-ing assignments(my god..n i have been writing bad words) competing with times..sacrified all my sleeping it had come to an end.....THANK GOD!!!

well..i had no idea how engineering can make a person so stress up..and i have been feeling homesick..i missed brunei..i missed my dears..i missed those days which i can slacking off as much as i want..i m so stressed up that i m at the point of breaking for those who havent decide wat course they wanna do and are now considering engineering..pls pls pls think million times...if u wanna free like a bird..dont wanna rush for assignments..wanna spend ur time freely...slowly in the uni..i recommend u to take other courses...i think i m losing quite a lot of hairs...=="which is like..a v v v v v sad n worrying thing for me...i noticed my seniors...who is taking the same course as me (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), two of them(girls)...errmm..quite bald in the center of their head...@@“ i dont really want to believe in i telling u...i m now following their track....god..pls pls pls....i want my thick hair back TT_____TT

besides than losing hairs and have sleeping debts, my life went to the wrong direction...i was doing something..which i a crime..n i dont really wanna say bout it life went wrong..n i was really panicking..i noe..i m not a good and obeying girl,i rebel and fight for my own rights wif my i myself noe and have principles tat i will not walk down the wrong path..somehow..some incident..changed my life..n makes it sucks..i committed a crime..i was so worrying..n helpless..i seek help and advise..n non of these helps me..i was stuck in my own thought whn everyone is telling me.."hey gal...chill down...everything will be fine" i juz cant walk out the darkness in my dear jucy said.."guilt eats me alive"...

so much things had happened..n i fell into a hole...deeply..i was like..blaming all those things on god o n keep complaining.."why did this happen to me" "why choose me" " why m i the unlucky person who had to gone through this" n stuck n my frens were annoyed by me..well mayb not cant help feeling me paranoid..ahahha's true..i was like having argument wif my frens yesterday..n i went to a d mall..visited a bookstore..n two books inspired is "365 ways to become happy"(not quite remembered bout the title) and the others is "how to find happiness in life".. there's one quote " happy people dont ask why they are given hardship bt they ask how and what they can do to conquer it" i think it is right...i have been too negative and brings misery and sadness n worry to my frens around me..hereby..i want to say...sorry joo...sorry vicky...sorry hau...sorry mark...n thanks for walking me out of my darkness...i love u all...muackzz..

show u guys some photos

this is the photo taken at 3am when my teammate n i are doing our circuit and went crazy n decided to cheers our assignment wif coke..overall..we are crazy..coz we hvnt eaten for 24hrs..

finished it at 6am...n yes..we were crazy..we din slept for 48hrs and i juz drank drinks like tea-c and coffee for these 48hrs as my three meals..for tis stupid circuit..we did something stupid too..n sacrified a lot!!!!

HAVE A BLAST~TAT"S LIFE!!! even when u did mistakes..even if u face difficulties..dont forget..these mistakes will become our important lesson and push us to move forward..wat's more..u still got us here..we are one together~even if I m now in Kuching n seperated wif Ju and Vic and Hau and Mark and Sing Yee and a lot more..Wayne..n Zhane..u guys give a lot of strength to me..even if u guys juz chat wif me for cooled down my trouble n worry..we are bonded together..thanks guys~muackzz~love ya all..



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