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>> Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's my 1st time posting in this blog after reading it for a rather long period of time...haha! Thanks to JanKn for the invite. I'm now spending my hols in KL with my parents, helping to move house from Subang Jaya to Kuchai Lama. Man... the books  are really heavy! Beats going to the gym.

Studying Civil Eng in Monash is pretty tough. It's not so much the final exams, but the projects which are really killer. As an example, for our transportation project, my team spent 4 hrs everyday on the bus collecting data, for 3-4 days. The design of the data collection forms, plus data processing takes an even longer time. We ended up with a 30 page report with 60 pages of data, in our final submission.  Anyway, for the 1st time in my life, spending countless nights 熬夜 is becoming so common! I think I've developed quite heavy panda eyes due to this LOL...

Clayton is almost 20km from Melb city, and since I still can't drive(arghhh), it's takes at least 15 mins to walk to the train station, 30 mins on the train. That's excluding train delays! So it's at least 1.5 hours for a roundtrip! So, I go to the city only a maximum of 2-3 times a month.

My free time is mostly spent on Navigators(a small church group on campus), badminton and table tennis. That's my only relief from the overwhelming study load. Unfortunately, my beloved music has taken quite a backseat from my life, no more 3-6 hr piano practice/day like b4. I've switched from listening to pure classical/jazz and expanded to a lot of rock and pop(Chinese,Cantonese and English). But I still can't take any kind of metal, electronic or rap/R&B stuff unfortunately, however hard my friends sell it to me.

Anyway, I'm kinda bored during the hols, with so little things to do. Aside from learning some AutoCad, I'm trying to take up singing! LOL. There's quite a lot of useful online lessons on youtube and the Internet, if anyone is interested.  So far I'm stuck with deep breathing exercises and breath control. I just realised that I've been doing it wrong for the past 10 years or so. Your stomach area should rise as you inhale and contract as you exhale, whereas for me it's the opposite! It's like the Star Wars quote, " You have to unlearn what you have learnt"....

I'm now trying to memorise a few songs, so if anyone has any good songs to recommend to me, please do! For some reason the music part is so much easier than the lyrics, in terms of memorising. I've already memorised quite a bit of 老男孩 and 你不知道的事.

老男孩 is a really good and meaningful song... recommend everyone to listen to it!

Oh,and if anyone has written some lyrics, please send it to me! So that I can put music to it to ease my boredom...LOL

Have to eat breakfast now... that's it for now



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