>> Friday, November 26, 2010

So I have been dropping in and out of this blog once a week because i only get the weekends to myself as you all know. And it's most likely the deadest blog that is own by 36 people. Where are all the people? We are F5A.CHMS07 or not? This blog is here and it will always be here until god knows when so why not just update us on how you are doing? Anything you write will be interesting to us as what I am writing is to you. So do remember us as we all grow older and remember our form teacher SHANTIF5A. Please just try to sign in and maybe post one day of your life. We want to know what is happening with you, how is your life wherever you are. If you do not remember the email and pass then just ask around, I am sure that there is still a hand full of us who knows.

I know I never post anything about myself in the army. Well frankly I do not know what to post about. So I am just going to post about this week. This week was fun, we had our Advance Trainfire Package or ATP for short. It just means we went to a shooting range, shooting targets trying our best to hit as many as we can. There were a total of 36 targets and we had to hit 29 to get marksmanship. A badge and $200 would come with it. So I started ok but as the shoot went on i start to miss more and more. Haizz.. Now thinking about it makes me sad. You know the feeling of losing when you really want it. I just want the $200 so badly and it comes at just the right timing, just in time for the year end sales. Too bad, wasted I could not get it. But overall it was quite fun la shooting our weapons. For those who had fired a weapon before you know la the feeling. Eventhough we are having fun there is still a sense of danger la because we are just shooting next to each others. Looking left and right are my buddies eagerly waiting to try and get the marksmanship. haha but most of them did not get it either.

Well I had told some of you guys out there about some of the dramas that happen in the army. Well there are alot, some I myself am either too gullible or ignorant to notice. This week, something happened that makes me feels that the world is just not worth living the rest of my life. People can really suck and it just opened my eye to all the shit that had happened. All the little clues about what a person is like is all there in front of me and I am just too damn stupid to even notice one. I cannot tell whether one is being sarcastic or being truthful. I would just believe them all if you tell me anything. The world is not what I expected, I am still caught up in our perfect little world in CHMS. You guys fun and nice. Here people can really be selfish bastards and still get away with it all. I know this is the real world, it sucks and may only get worse for me. I just do not know how to deal with it. I never had to deal with this before I really have no idea I really hate this . All I know is how to study, nobody can ever teach me how to deal with this type of shit but myself but I have no idea where to start. I cannot keep living the way I am. I am too trusting but this is all I have. I have no choice but to trust the people around me because I am stuck here for the rest of my NS life and I have no one else to turn to to have my back.

So this is me coping with the real world. I hope you guys do not have to deal with this sort of things because everybody's true colors really shine brighter in the army than anywhere else.



F5A of CHMS'07


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